Creekside at Home Volume 1, issue 1

The Creekside staff is back working from home. We are spending our time creating exciting, and engaging nature curriculum for all the students who would have come to Creekside Outdoor School this spring. We are also thinking of our wonderful student leaders, and how to stay connected and have fun with them. We hope everyone is happy, staying healthy, and finding different ways to explore the natural world around them.

What have staff been doing?

Boulder has been reading Stephen King novels, building walls for his apartment, and spending a lot of time watching netflix with his dog. Spending time inside has been challenging, but he is finding new ways to connect with people and is enjoying the things he felt he didn’t have time for before.

Bumble has been spending her time intensely looking for newts on walks in local forested parks while simultaneously training her bees to fight crime. She has also been watching many new shows and hanging out with staff via google hangouts. So many new things are happening with outdoor school and Bumble has been working hard to help continue to do cool things and has spent many brainstorming sessions with her plants coming up with cool ideas and having many debates about what constitutes a sandwich with her cactus Fredrick.

Fossil has been keeping themselves busy by working on puzzles with his family, playing video games, and reading outside. Occasionally they hop on google hang outs to lead a game of Dungeons and Dragons. There is still plenty of work to be done for outdoor school, including this newsletter! They’ve also used this opportunity to practice the ukulele and drums, and now they're finally caught up with the Marvel movies.

Jericho has been reading, writing, and watching old seasons of Survivor. Life inside is slow but friends are finding new ways to connect and share parts of life. Jericho has not grown tired of his quarantine buddy yet, but Rip Kitty is ready to have her house back.

Lich is keeping busy by throwing herself into as much dnd as she can! Video calls with Bumble and staff make life brighter and she is currently undergoing construction in her room to make Snaketopia for her best friend Marvin. With help from friends, she hopes to bring new fun outdoor school activities right to you at home! Catch her making wood cookies and new worm friends in her backyard.

Marmot has been staying at home doing some practice for his competitive napping league trying to brush up on his napping skills. He has also been developing ski’s that he can use in his house to make up for his time missed outside. He is also spending some spare time digging a hole in his backyard to see how deep he can make it.

Morning Glory has been having fun playing indoor hide and seek with her dog Rey. Morning Glory has also been busy training Rey in the ways of the force, to one day become a true jedi master. With the other Creekside staff, Morning Glory is creating outdoor activities students can do at home. In her free time, Morning Glory is playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, reading books and comics, and watching movies.

PoeTayToe has not been keeping busy, and that’s the way he likes it! He has been self quarantining while playing video games every chance he gets. He is also becoming the next internet sensation by making educational Outdoor School at home videos.

Root has kept busy playing lots of music, mainly on his drum set and acoustic guitar. He also enjoys exploring the surrounding wilderness areas including a 5 mile hike to Butte Creek Falls. This week Root’s team worked on video projects to bring outdoor school to students at home. While all of the physical Magic the Gathering tournaments have been suspended, there are still two fantastic online electronic versions titled MTGO and Arena.

Trillium has been keeping very busy inside with computer work, reading and watching old classic movies. Outside Trillium is walking every day and sometimes gets caught in the rain and one time in hail! She also occasionally walks with her 8-year-old grandson in the woods, keeping 6 feet apart. Trillium does an online daily global meditation and chanting where there are 1-2 million people around the world all chanting at the same time.

Fruit Loop and Bagel have been staying with Blueberry. They have gone on walks around Blueberry's neighborhood and have done movie marathons, even took an adventure to Costco. They love watching all the live feeds that the different sites have been putting on as well as participating in the different scavenger hunts or challenges. Of course they are always up for a new adventure or sahangains. They want everyone to stay safe and be healthy. As much as they love hanging out with three bunnies and a cat they prefer to be out on a site with Staff, Student Leaders, and Students.