• Helpful tips
  • Private VS. Public Vs. Community
  • 2 year college
  • 4 year college
  • Arts and Majors
  • Location
  • Admission criteria
  • Environment
What to look for in a college you would like to attend?
  1. What tests must be taken before applying to that college?
  2. Does the college have your major?
  3. What are the classes like? The class size, how many students attend?
  4. The cost is more important than you think
  5. Look out for scholarships!

Helpful Tips

  • Don’t rush into the process, choosing the right college takes time.
  • follow up with college visits during early months of junior year
  • Don’t assume the worst, you never know what you can achieve if you don’t try to apply.
  • Apply to colleges you’re interested in, remain to an open mind.
  • Don’t feel pressured to make a final decision about a career or major, you can always change it later on in college.
  • Be open minded to different options, you never know what’s out there.
  • And don’t overthink it, just take it all one step at a time.

Private Vs. Public Vs. Community

Private: Tend to be much smaller than public colleges in their size and numbers of degrees offered, keep classes small may offer what you’re looking for, rely heavily on tuition and private contributions

Public: A state school is a public university, offer wide variety of majors, cost depends if you’re going to be in state or out of state, 200 students may be enrolled in some classes especially in lower division courses

Community: Usually offers 2 years of college classes and the least expensive option, if your planing to take classes and then transfer your credits make sure you, you’re able to transfer your credits

2 Year College

  • Offers to start careers sooner
  • Either focus on taking general prerequisite courses that transfer to a 4 year college
  • Offer less opportunity for the job you are looking forOffer less opportunity for the job you are looking for

4 Year College

  • Twice the amount of time as two year schools
  • Offer students on and off learning opportunities
  • Take much broader range of courses
  • Graduate with degrees that can be used for a wide spectrum of jobs in the real world
  • First 2 years take generalized courses like English, Math, Biology, History and last 2 years taking courses in their major

Arts and Majors

  • Do they offer the major you're interested in
  • Is there a special program you are interested in


  • Where do you want to live
  • Out of state will cost more if not private
  • How far from home are you willing to go
  • It’s best not to solely pick a school based on where your friends are going
  • If possible visit the colleges you’re looking into before you make a final decision.
  • See the types of majors and degrees available

Admission Criteria

  • GPA
  • Test scores (ACT and SAT)


  • Incorporates all external factors related to attending college
  • Dormitory rooms
  • Outdoor programs
  • Social


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