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Michelle Dennis

Head of Digital at Haileybury College in Melbourne

Michelle featured on The Creative Educator podcast series hosted by Tacy Trowbridge from the Global Adobe Education Team.


You can listen to the full podcast via theadobecreativeeducator.podbean.com

Dr Karen Sutherland

University of the Sunshine Coast

Karen spoke to how they renovated their course creation approach, working to avoid the 'talking head effect' and incorporate the use of Adobe Stock.

University of the Sunshine Coast embeds their students into relevant industry positions. This enables them to learn while studying about the kind of content that they can create to mix and create professional content for real-world clients.

The students could use keywords and the available organisational credits in Adobe Stock to find multimedia assets that are directly relevant to their client, making their brief and output far more professional than it might otherwise look like if they were restricted free services, or to creating their own assets.

Karen demonstrated the searches, filters and collections that Adobe Stock users can access.

Karen has also observed a positive change to the quality of the content that teaching staff can create, enabling them to increase not just the outputs but the TRUST that students have in their teachers, seeing examples of their own creative projects using the same resources.


There is a new course on the Adobe Education Exchange called Teach Creativity with Adobe and Khan Academy.

Dan Haesler

Director of Cut Through Coaching and Consulting


Agency and Volition and the personal impact on the human experience

The insights into human behaviour that have come about through the pandemic (i.e. panic buying) is evidence of the irrational actions that people will take in order to assert control (a feeling of autonomy) when they are in a situation where they feel their personal power is reduced.

Dan stressed that guidelines and boundaries are crucial, but there is a fine balance to be struck. It is critical to recognise where people (students) can be given more voice so they can talk about their own learning, rather than having their experience dictated to them.

An example of this is digital reports, where the student themselves talks about what their aims, goals and choices in learning are for the term.

If most outcomes (particularly as students get older) talk about the 'ability to demonstrate understanding', students should be given the opportunity to select their methodology to demonstrate their understanding in order to create more autonomy in their learning experience.

Next time...

Our next Inject Creativity Live event will be on Wed 28th July at 6.30 PM AEST.

Our AEL presenter will be Adobe Education Leader Brett Salakas from NSW, who will be focusing on digital storytelling and poetry.

We'll also welcome back education consultant Paul McClean from NZ as our Education Thought Leader.

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