Crocodile The RAIN FORESTS predetor

Crocodiles live to be at least 70 years old!

Crocodiles can see underwater and stay underwater for 2 hour

They carry there young in there mouths

Crocodiles swim with there head a little bit above the water.

lots of animals hunt baby crocodiles like herons, egrets and eagles.

but do you want to know what adult crocodiles eats. What they eat is Fish, other reptiles, birds, dogs, cats, humans

Crocodiles death roll to kill prey faster


Created with images by Angelo_Giordano - "crocodile eye animal" • fxxu - "crocodile tooth reptile" • wwarby - "Crocodile" • A.Cahlenstein Photography - "Lurking crocodile" • Greencolander - "Baby Crocodile" • James St. John - "Alligator mississippiensis skull (American alligator)"

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