Essentials in the Game of Basketball BY: Leanne harwood

Basketball Materils

I am gonna tell u about basketball materials you need. sneakers jersey shorts or tights whatever you prefer but you can only chose those two things but if u are a girl u have to have your hair up so it doesn't get in the way. and you cannot wear any earrings, bracelets ,rings ,toe ring, or any pearsing, because when you play basketball and when your trying to defend yourself by getting the hit with ball, and cause when they try and get the ball they might get and hit you . You might hit or punch people when you are trying to get the.the ball might accidentally rip your earings,nose ring, any thing like that out.

This is a girls basketball uniform

Things u need to know about to play this game you can not be late if your late have to pay you will if you've been late or haven't been to practice you have to stay late after they don't care if you have somewhere really important to go to all they want is u to show up on time if your really, really sick then your fine so do your job and show up when you have to be there and don't make up excuses not to show up.

People how and how many people need to be on a team

There can only be 10 on a team, and 5 can go out a once. If u don't have 10 people on your team and if you have 6 people or more. That person has to get out or play defense or play your backup. You can't or don't disobey your coach or substitute coach or you’ll get in really deep trouble so be good. Also you need to wear the clothes you pick out of the close thing in the basketball room and paid for. you need to pay for the close you want and you like so be good .

How to play the game basket ball let's get ready now go. to play this game you have to have your basketball pump up and aired up and anything you need to do with that but you u have to go in the locker rooms and put your close on.If u have to have knee pads get them and put them on sneakers,any other things u have ot put on put them on.So u ahve to do taht and go outsde if ur going out there and inside and start !!!the game let’s go.dribble smake here i am on the basketball corse playing basketball that i am good at!!!.

It doesent matter what friends u have.It doesent matter what friends you have all i love to go there for is playing basketball and somepeople get bullied and its not nice to bully people and there was this girl her name was kattie and she had altimers so i said to the people stop bulling people its not nice how would you fell if it was you think of other people and not ur self think of how bad ur treating people you would like it if it was you. so please stop!!!!!!!! I said and they did so they did and i became friends with her and she changed to be beautiful amazing cool and really really smart. And she was an amazing person to she is just like the best friend how i have and her name is lillian johnston.lillian johnston is awesome


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