Of Mice and Men Angelica serrano

  • Leader
  • Skinny
  • Small
  • Brains

" you ain't gonna do bad things like you did in weed" pg.7

  • Swamper
  • Only one hand
  • Old dog
  • Shot dog because he was old

"Mabe it'll hurt him " pg 45

" I had him from a pup" pg 45

  • Jerkline skinner
  • Nice guy
  • Prince of ranch
  • Stuck up for lennie when he got in a fight with curly
  • Was a friend

" a guy got to sometimes " pg 107

  • African American
  • Lives in the stables
  • By himself
  • Can't play cards
  • Crippled
  • Kicked by a horse

"You know he's gonna come back" pg.72

  • Boxer
  • Rude
  • Small
  • Cocky
  • Hit lennie
  • Lennie hurt his hand

" He's a smaller guy who doesn't like big guys "

  • Not smart
  • Follower
  • Big
  • Doesn't know his own strength
  • Crushed Curlys hand
  • Mentally challenged

" if I get in trouble you ain't gonna let me tend the rabbits " pg 30

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