Thunderstorms by William Wang

Hello. My name is William and I will be showing a few facts about thunderstorms.

What Are Thunderstorms?

Thunderstorms are born by a seething mass of condensed water vapor. That mass is called a cumulonimbus cloud. This huge cloud can produce strong winds, heavy rain, and even hail.

Lightning in thunderstorms are produced by the friction of the clouds rubbing together, or small bits of ice(frozen raindrops) bumping into each other. At least 100 bolts of lightning hit every second.

Some bolts strike with bizarre shapes. As you can see, in the background there is a loop of lightning that is pink.

Here is a video that explains how strange lightning forms:


A summary of what will happen.

Usual Thunderstorm

One day as you are playing football, the sky darkens and envelopes you in dim light. As your mother calls you in the house, you feel a few drops of rain on your head. Suddenly thunder booms in the distance. After several minutes, the thunder weakens, then disappears. The rain recedes. And you go play again.

Severe Thunderstorm

One day as you are playing football, the sky abruptly darkens and everything is dark. Slowly a gust of wind blows then gets stronger. A light in your house turns on, and your mother calls you home. you watch TV for a few minutes, when the screen flickers, then shuts down. The gust of wind you experienced in the yard strengthens and forms a column of wind and debris, called a tornado. Lightning flashes around the funnel, making a "Dark And Stormy Night". Slowly, the raging wind dies but the temperature dropped during the storm.

Thanks for Watching!

Created By
William Wang


Created with images by fireboat895 - "Severy Supercell" • technicolor76 - "water drops" • ComputerHotline - "Thunderstorm" • Photography by Daniel Rodriguez - "Rain Wrap"

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