Week 4

Fantastic Creatures

Humans have always been fascinated by inventing their own fantastical creatures with their imagination. This week we will be using different art and yoga activities to explore and create fantastic creatures of our own.

Drawing Surprise Creatures


  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Crayons, colored pencils, or markers

Ms. Heidi shows us a fun way to create a surprise creature.

Exquisite Animals


  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Markers
  • Two friends or family members

In the video below, Ms. Jessi and her friends show us how to create exquisite animals.

Creature Footprint Stamps


  • Styrofoam plate, tray or sheet
  • Pen or pencil
  • Scissors
  • Piece of cardboard
  • Glue
  • Washable markers, ink pad, or paint
  • Paper

Find out how Ms. Jenni uses household items to create creature footprint stamps by watching the video below.

Yoga & Art: Fantastic Creatures

Watch this video to look at an African Mask and practice three yoga poses inspired by the artwork.