World War 1 WEapons of mass destruction

When the whole world was at war with each other this became known as world war 1.During that time weapons weren't like they were today.The weapons used in world war 1 changed the way soldiers fought in war,they had many uses,these weapons revolutionized the way we fight modern warfare today.

Lets start from the smallest weapons,in world war 1 many soldiers used melee weapons such as trench club.These weapons were mostly used in trenches which came to be known as trench warfare.

As you can see different styles of trench clubs were made,soldiers would make them out of anything they can find.

Grenades were also another ideal for combat ,such as the British mills bomb

Knives were also used in trenches to get a more quite kill.

Sometimes soldiers couldn't get in range with their weapons of close combat so many countries experimented with other things such as chemicals.Later on in the war many used toxic gas (inspired by the grenade)over their enemies.

This was later solved by gas masks although they weren't that effective

Bigger weapons were also used,such as rifles for example the British ocentric rifle

Now you may think that wars were fought in certain kind of battlefields but war was fought everywhere such as Arabia,there many soldiers used a rifle called the Lawrence of Arabia named after British soldier T.E Lawrence

Another weapon soldiers used in the deserts of Arabia was the flintlock pistol

These desert weapons were made this type of combat,for sand terrain, other weapons would get jammed.

In world war 1 countries didn't just use these small but deadly weapons, everyone tried to use everything they can to their advantage such as tanks(a heavy armored fighting vehicle carrying guns and moving on a continuous articulated metal track)for example one of the first tanks like the A7V german tank......

tanks could cross narrow trenches but also could topple over into a wide one.

Another tank widely used by the British was the Mark 1 tank

the idea behind the tank was old to effectively combining firepower, protection and mobility.

As i said before everyone used everything they can to their advantage this meant taking war to the skies.But creating the first airplanes was troublesome,the first attempt to create an airplane counterpart took place in the US.One of the planes used in war was the P-38 lightning plane such as this one.

there were different kinds of planes for different kinds of purposes such as the Fokker dr1, it was mainly used to fly lower altitude that the plane above and it was used by the Germans against the British in April 1917

Although their were many casualties and awful deaths at least we learned from our mistakes of war.From our learning we have managed to cause less casualties throughout the years and better ways of solving arguments trough our allies and or enemies.

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