What Hosseini is trying to say about the love between a father & a son matthew woodring 7th

A father-son relationship is a very important thing that is held very highly and sought after by many including Amir in the kite runner. In the historic fiction novel the kite runner, Khaled Hosseini is trying to say that a father and son relationship is important to the development of a person. He does this in the beginning by showing Amir and Baba's not so great relationship, in the middle by showing their improved relationship, and lastly at the end by showing Hassan and Sohrab's relationship.

At the beginning of the novel Amir and Baba have a weak relationship because Baba isn’t there for him because he can’t understand why Amir is nothing like him, which causes Amir to do some of the things he does throughout the novel. When Baba and Rahim Khan are talking Baba says “He’s always buried in those books or shuffling around the house like he’s lost in some dream…I wasn’t like that.”(Pg.21 Ch.3) This quote shows how Baba, who wanted a son that was like him to carry his name, feels Amir is nothing like him which makes Baba never able to have a solid relationship with him. Because of Baba neglecting to have a solid emotional connection with his son, Amir is lead to do some not so good things because of never having a real relationship with his father. A little later in the novel when Amir sees Hassan getting raped and he runs away Amir says “In the end, I ran. I ran because I was a coward.”(Pg.77 Ch.7) Amir runs because he’s a coward which is exactly what Baba didn’t want to him to be. Baba neglects his son’s interest in writing never fully returns the love Amir tries to give him, which causes Amir to have a sense of jealousy and cowardice that causes Amir to not stop what happens to Hassan. Nearly everything that Amir does is tied back to him not having a good relationship with his father.

In the middle of the novel when Amir and Baba have moved to America, there relationship has vastly improved which in turn makes Amir do better things. When Amir Graduates from high school and goes up to his dad Baba says “I am Moftakhir, Amir He said. Proud.”(Pg.131 Ch.11) This quote shows how much of a better relationship Amir has with his father which makes Amir able to do better. Without their relationship improving Amir might not have been able to graduate high school or get into college which goes to show how important a good father-son relationship really is. Right before Rahim Khan calls Amir and asks him to come back to Afghanistan Amir says “We used the advance for my second novel and placed a down payment on a pretty, two-bedroom Victorian house” (Pg.188 Ch.13) This quote proves that because of Baba and Amir’s relationship becoming better that Amir is able to achieve things like buying a house and writing a novel. This shows a connection between having a good father-son relationship and being successful.

At the end of the novel we learn more of another important relationship, which is Hassan and Sohrab’s relationship which is completely opposite to that of Baba and Amir's, and shows what its like when a father and son have a good relationship. When Rahim Khan is telling Amir about Hassan and his family when he found them he says “Hassan taught him how to shoot the slingshot” (Pg.212 Ch.16) This quote shows that their relationship is completely opposite of Baba’s and Amir’s relationship because Hassan teaches Sohrab, Listens to him, and enjoys spending time with him unlike Baba where he mostly ignored Amir and didn’t spend much time with him. Hassan and Sohrab have a good relationship which makes Sohrab able to be smart, good at things, and be happy until his dad dies. When Rahim Khan is trying to convince Amir to go to Kabul and get Sohrab he says “I wish you could see Sohrab. He is a good boy.”(Pg.216 Ch.17) This quote shows that Sohrab is a good kid unlike how Amir was as a child and that is because his father gave him love and attention unlike Baba did with Amir. Hassan was a good Father to Sohrab and because of this Sohrab was a good kid which shows what Hosseini is trying to say throughout the novel.

In conclusion, Hosseini uses the theme of father-son love throughout the novel to say that a good relationship between a father and a son is very important in the development of a child. This theme in the book shows how a father neglecting and disregarding his child’s interests can lead to them making bad decisions to try and fill a hole that can only be filled by a fathers love.

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