RF Prom Dress Code formal or semi-formal

Men's Attire: For men, semi-formal attire means wearing a full suit, with vest optional. A tie, either bow or straight, should be worn, and the shirt should be a simple button down. In the modern sense, a tuxedo is considered formal attire.

Women's Attire: As with men's clothing, women's outfits for semi-formal events should be relatively conservative; avoid showing too much leg or cleavage. Hem lengths vary, but dresses or skirts should end no more than one one inch above the knee. Longer skirts paired with a dressy top can be appropriate. Tops should not be too low or too revealing. Strapless tops or dresses can be acceptable choices, provided that they aren't too skimpy. Floor length dresses are considered formal attire.

If you have questions concerning the Prom's dress code, see RFHS administration.

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