Free Cisco Instructor Training 2019 Sponsored by the Institute of Coding

There is no catch!

The Open University Cisco ASC/ITC in collaboration with the Institute of Coding are able to offer free Cisco Instructor training for teachers on the following courses in 2019:

  1. CCNA1 - Introduction to Networks (enrollment has ceased)
  2. CCNA2 - Routing and Switching Essentials
  3. Cisco IT-Essentials
  4. CCNA CyberSecurity Operations
  5. Python Essentials
  6. Introduction to the Internet of Things
  7. Linux Unhatched
  8. CyberSecurity Essentials


Plans may change, however our intention is to run the courses as follows:

CCNA1 - Introduction to Networks - Feb19 - 70hrs over 15+ weeks - enrolment has now ended
CCNA2 - Routing and Switching Essentials - Sept19 70hrs over 15+ weeks - enrolment open from May19
Cisco IT-Essentials - Sept19 70hrs over 15+ weeks, enrolment open from May19
CCNA - CyberSecurity Operations - Sept19 70hrs over 15+ weeks, enrolment open from May19
Python Essentials - Jan20 - 30hrs over 8 weeks - Enrolment open from Autumn 2019
Introduction to the Internet of Things - Sept19 - 24hrs over 8 weeks - enrolment due to open late May19
CyberSecurity Essentials - May19 - 30hrs over 8 weeks
Linux Unhatched - Apr19, Aug19, Dec19 - 10hrs over 3 weeks - rolling enrolment.

How do we teach you?

Everything is online, delivered as a MOOC (massively open online course) and can be accomplished from the comfort of your own domain. There will be clear start and end points. While each course is self paced. There has to be deadlines so we can 'pass' you as an instructor.

Every course will be accompanied by weekly webinars - these are delivered entirely on social media using our Facebook Live page. If you dislike social media, we appreciate that this may be somewhat difficult. After all, you are accessing this course for free!

How do I enrol?

This is the easy bit, all you need to do is press one of the following buttons and share your email address - this will automatically connect you to the Cisco NetAcad system and enrol you on each course.

We have not opened all courses for enrolment (yet) - please keep an eye on our social media and email communication. The following buttons take you to the enrolment pages for each of the available courses:

Please note, while this is free - it is for TEACHERS ONLY.


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