To Kill A Mockingbird "Point of view" assignment: Marc sine

Entry 1: The kids play "Boo Radley"

The Radley household
Perspective: Atticus Finch

I do not know why my kids think it is so fascinating to harass a family that is just minding their own business. I caught them playing that stupid "Boo Radley" game again I better go out there and take charge of this situation. I had told them to stop tormenting the man because it should not be any of their business about what is going on in the Radley house. I also told them that what Mr. Radley does is his own business and not theirs. Jem needs to step up and be the leader of them and tell them what is right and what is wrong. I think I am going to lecture them about respecting peoples privacy and what they do with their lives are none of their business. I do not want Jem, Scout, or Dill to get hurt or get in trouble and I believe that they should be punished for harassing someone. If they were not punished, they will just continue to play that game and could get seriously hurt.

Entry 2: Dill Drinks Mr. Raymond's "Drink"

Mr. Raymond at the trial
Perspective: Mr. Raymond

I really hate how people are so against interracial relationships. It confuses me how people think people of color are so much more inferior than whites. It was the hardest thing today to explain to Jem, Scout, and Dill that I have to pretend to be an alcoholic just so that people would think that I am messed up in the head for being in a relationship with a woman of color. I had Dill drink from the bottle covered in a brown paper bag to prove to them that I do not drink all the time. In fact, I do not drink at all. I really hope Tom wins the trial because that will show that not everyone in this town is racist and I will be able to be with the woman that I love. I am tired of acting like a drunk and someone needs to take charge and plead this man innocent!

Entry 3: Tom's Trial

Tom Robinson's Trial
Perspective: Tom Robinson

Sometimes, the town of Maycomb seems to surprise me even though I have been living here for almost all of my life. I realize that I am a black man and I am "inferior" to the better white men. Knowing that, I still do not think that it gives someone the right to accuse me of raping someone. I did not do it and to find out that just because I am a man of color, I am guilty. It really makes me angry that I am even accused. I was in her house because she said she wanted me to fix a door. She then grabbed me and kissed me. I am the victim. Bob Ewell is the one to be accused, not me. I think that if I am found guilty, I might try to escape because no matter what I will be sentenced to death and it would be worth it to be able to see Helen again. I am afraid, but I know Atticus will do everything he can to make sure I am proven 'not guilty'.

Entry 4: Scout and Jem walking home

Perspective: Boo Radley

I have been following the kids for awhile now. Ever since the trial because I know what Bob Ewell will do. He will do anything he can to ruin Atticus' life because he defended Tom. I want them to be safe even though they do not know that. I saw Ewell following them home so I made sure he did not try anything. I saw him jump at the kids and I waited for just the right moment to interfere. When Scout started running and Jem was not behind her I knew I had to get in and help. I went after Ewell and I stabbed him. I killed Bob Ewell. I then carried Jem who was unconscious to their house. I wanted Scout to know I was real and I wanted her to see that I am not a bad guy. I talked to her about it and then I left. I do not think I should go back though. I will not return because she will not need my help now that Bob is out of the picture. I still cannot believe I killed an individual.


From this assignment, I have learned that I cannot judge someone based on what I think or what others tell me about them. You cannot fully understand someone until you look at the world from their perspective. Mr. Crooke had assigned us this because of Atticus' quote "...You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... until you climb into his skin and walk around in it." (Lee 39) This quote is significant because he is telling Scout not to judge people without knowing their story. It shows that people should not judge people based on what you think of them and not giving them a chance to explain themselves. This whole book shows how people judge other humans by the tone that their skin has, or what other people said about that specific person or thing. That is not how the world should work.


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