Building a children's home A shared-project story

. . . because a very specific group of children need a home. A home with a roof to keep out the rain. A home with a water-catchment system so they can shower. A home with a sanitary option for going to the bathroom.

A home with enough space so everyone can sleep inside.

They have names like Anelson, Merlansia, Wilgens, Kinder, Stevenson, Roseland and Lovensia. They are young. They are orphans. They live high in the mountains of Haiti, and their life is very different than ours.

Look at their faces.

Four years ago, a woman by the name of Madame Adeline opened her home to abandoned kids. Those with no place to call their own found a new home in Madame Adeline's heart.

One child at a time, the numbers grew... and grew... and grew some more.

Look where they live.

Miracles rarely walk into one's life unannounced. Madame Adeline met her miracle the day Bobby and Sherry Burnette, founders of Love A Child, Inc., came to visit.

They had heard about the poor woman who cared for kids no one else wanted.

They brought food, clothing and hope. They offered the promise of a lightened load.

They had a red spiral notebook with them that day. Page after page, each child's bare foot was carefully traced into the notebook.

They asked the Click Family Foundation to find a way to provide new shoes for the children.

Thanks to the Magnify Kids Ministry of Humble First Assembly of God (Humble, Tx), friends and family of Grand Parkway Church (Porter, Tx), and the UPS Store (Willis, Tx), every one of Madame Adeline's kids soon had brand new shoes.

With the shoes came the second miracle
Dr. Patricia Webster.

Dr. Webster was one of Love A Child's medical team members providing relief services in Haiti's southern peninsula after Hurricane Mathew ravished the area last October.

She met Madame Adeline during the shoe distribution. She could not walk away from the fact that no child should live in such hopeless conditions. She made up her mind to do everything possible for Madame Adeline and the children to have a new home.

"When our grandchildren ask where we were when the voiceless and the vulnerable in our era needed leaders of compassion and purpose, I hope we can say that we showed up, and that we showed up on time." ~Gary Haugen~

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