The Interesting Engineering Museum The cool Facts about engineers.

At this museum you can learn and see some of the best and one of a kind facts about engineers. You can go through all kinds of exhibits, from what engineers do to help space exploration to the robots that they make. All the things that the engineers have to do in order to make something officially a product plus many more interesting exhibits.

These are some picture related to our top exhibits.

Engineering Space

The top left picture of the spacesuit represents our, Engineering Space, exhibit. It is basically explains how engineers design different types of spacesuits for different planetary conditions. This is the only place where you can see some prototype Mars spacesuits and it explains why we are being held back from exploring other planets. There are more facts about these spacesuits at the exhibit in the museum, so come visit.

Prototype Mars Spacesuit.

Famous Engineers

In the bottom picture represents our, Famous Engineers, exhibit. This exhibit tells about some famous engineers and how they got to fame. For example, Bill Gates, you may not know him as an engineer, but he technically was one. You probably know him as the guy who founded Microsoft, and because he founded Microsoft he became famous. Another great example is Alexander Graham Bell, and even though he is old and dead people still remember him for something very important. He invented the telephone, though over the years people and companies have made advancements to them, he was the original inventor of the telephone, and because of that he is famous. To know more about these famous people and many more, come to the Interesting Engineering Museum, where the cool facts about engineers are at.

Alexander Graham Bell (left) Bill Gates (right).

Amazing Robots

Finally, in the top right robot looking picture represents our, Amazing Robots, exhibit. Out of our many cool robots in this exhibit, Scavenge, a robot that cleans the bottom of a nuclear plant, is a very interesting one to talk about. In a nuclear plant, the nuclear rods that power the plant leave quite a mess, so one a rod runs out of power it is Scavenge's job to clean up the mess it made. Scavenge first goes into the water of the nuclear plant, and this water could kill a human. Next, it makes it's way to the bottom of the water and starts to clean up the rod's mess like a vacuum. Lastly, Scavenge comes out of the water and all the stuff that he has picked up is transported to an area where it can do no harm. For more information on Scavenge and other robots, come visit the museum today.


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