Poetry By ellie craig

The fresh summer breeze, as soon as you wake up, go outside,it hits you, the sweet feeling it gives you, the fresh summer breeze, the smell you long for all year, the smell that you smell when your running around outside, you take a minute, the hot summer breeze, the one that makes memories that will last forever, the smell calms you, the smell makes you smile.
I am a high schooler, I wonder about my future, I hear about how great the road ahead is, I see people pushing themselves, I want to make it far in life, I am a high schooler, I pretend I have all the answers, I feel exhausted, I touch pounds of homework, I worry about being the best, I cry about going to school, I am a high schooler, I understand everyone's just trying to get by, I say it's all good, I dream that I live an adventurous happy life, I try to please my parents, I hope I get all that I dream of, I am a high schooler.
It's not always simple, many friends, great family but things go wrong, friends turn on you, people are mean to you, people put their problems on you, family gets sick, people get in trouble, It's not always simple, there are complications, a lot is good, but a lot isn't all, good isn't perfect, so don't judge, it's not the way everyone thinks, it's not always getting what I want, it's not always getting my way, it's not worry free, it's not the way it seems to be, it's not complaining, things are great, but things can go wrong, so don't judge.
3,000 friends online, how many of them do you know, how many of them do you trust, how many of them could you even recognize in public, some random girl comments on your instagram picture, now you guys are friends, do you even know her last name, do you even know what school she goes to, on Friday nights you you sit and talk to this girl, who you know nothing about, while sitting with your five real friends in silence, the ones who know every inch of detail about you and your life.


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