Northern Renaissance By: Nate Garrett

Northern Renaissance

  • The Renaissance was the result of both war and plague
  • The Northern Renaissance spread from northern Italy to all of Europe
  • The Renaissance was the rebirth of art and learning

German Painter: Durer

  • Albrecht Durer was a painter, printmaker, and theorist during the Renaissance.
  • Durer kept in contact with Italian artists during his time, including Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci.

German Painter: Holbein

  • Hans Holbein is known as one of the greatest portraitists of the 16th century.
  • He is called "the Younger" to tell him from his father, Hans Holbein the Elder, a painter of the Late Gothic school.

Flemish Painter: Van Eyck

  • Jan Van Eyck is known for founding the Early Netherlandish painting school and for being apart of the Northern Renaissance.
  • Van Eyck was highly influential as later Netherlandish painters adopted some of his techniques.

Flemish Painter: Bruegel

  • Bruegel was the most interested in realistic detail and portraying large numbers of people
  • Bruegel's paintings were mainly scenes from everyday peasant life such as weddings, dances and harvests

Christian Humanist: Erasmus

  • Erasmus is responsible for helping set the foundation for the study of the past.
  • He created educational writings that replaced classics, but had his humanist emphasis.
  • "Give light and the darkness will disappear of itself."

Christian Humanist: More

  • More was a Christian Humanist who also wrote books.
  • More's most famous book is Utopia, which depicts a world where everything is right.
  • "I die the king's faithful servant, but God's first."

Christine de Pizan

  • Was really the first woman to become a successful writer.
  • Pizan questioned the difference of what men and women can do.
  • Pizan produced many French books, including short stories, biographies, novels, and manuals on military techniques.

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