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LOC Huynh

Based on both personal memory and everyday human behavior, Loc Huynh’s pieces explore themes ranging from vapid consumption to first generation Vietnamese American childhood experiences. Huynh employs an exaggerated pop cultural aesthetic to convey situations that feel simultaneously familiar and alien.

Huynh’s work draws influence from his childhood, mainstream imagery of commercial media, and niche graphics affiliated with Asian American immigrant cultures. The use of exaggeration and abstraction highlights the awkwardness of human behavior. The subjects of his painting are generic enough to be anyone, but familiar enough to be recognized as specific individuals. Even in self-portraits, Huynh’s own image can be interpreted as anybody. The interactions he portrays between people, though ungraceful, are moments of vulnerability to which anyone can relate.

“The absurdity of the human condition drives the contents of my work. I am interested in constructing narratives about the banality of everyday living within both awkward social engagements and particular memories about personal experiences. The desire to connect and communicate with other people is the foundation of my art practice”– Loc Huynh
Loc Huynh | Acrylic on canvas, 2d mixed media, 3d mixed media | 2018-21 | "Catfish"; "Chao"; "First Time I've Seen Mom Cry"; Graf Face (front view); Graf Face (back view); "Grandma"; "Grandpa"; "Portrait of My Mom Talking at the IRS"; "Paris by Night"; "Disregarding the Pain of Others"; "5"; "Hey Mom Check Out My New Tattoo"; "Ca Chen Cha"; "Bahn Xeo"; "Maybe It's My Fault"; "Mom and Dad Arguing"; "Mom Making Pho"; "Mom and Downy in the Rain"; "Mom Cutting Fish"

Meet the Artist

Loc Huynh

Photo courtesy of Loc Huynh

Loc Huynh was born in 1992 in Austin, Texas. In 2016, he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Texas State University, and his Master of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas in 2020. In 2018 he received the Voertman-Ardoin Fellowship. Huynh exhibited works nationally in cities including, Chicago, New York, Houston, and Dallas. Bemis Art Center and the Lawndale Art Center included Huynh’s work in charity benefits. Other projects include murals for the Lux Art Center in Lincoln, Nebraska and the San Marcos Nature Center in San Marcos, Texas. He was featured in New American Paintings and Glasstire. He attended the Vermont Studio Residency in 2017, and is currently working and living in Denton, Texas.

Artist Talk

Join Loc Huynh and Zoe Watts as they discuss their individual art practices and inspiration.

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