Approach step outside conventional beliefs and create coherence inside

"I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding" J. O`Donohue
Back to the source: The beginning

The first part of your adventure consists in going back to your own source. Along the way you will find the signs of all unsolved lying in your riverbed like stones. They have been carried by the current of life. Under your careful attention they are transformed into bridges or stepstones towards inner coherence and strength. They show you the way back home. To your self.

spectacular inconspicuousness

From the most inner part of earth you awake and reawake again and again. Till all of your strength starts flowing untamed. Once you have taken in the water of your own source you reconnect to the wisdom of a deep and true inner culture and stop living by the rules of others. Intrinsic truth emerges from the bottom to the surface, giving the world space to breath again deeply. This marks the beginning of the 2nd part of your journey: It leads you into your depth.

Who do you want to become?

It is in this deepest darkness of yourself where the NEW creates itself.


New words are born. New thoughts formulated. New connections are crafted. Everything is born here. Even you. By yourself. Then you start your journey back to light again.

You no longer follow the rules of others

Silently you are entering into the world again, amazed by the pure power of your consciousness. Now you are able to percieve the miracle you are and the miracles around you. This is the starting point for true leadership. It is the 3rd part of your journey.

You start to live a bigger story
You no longer repeat the inherited parts of your story . You start creating your own life infused story, inspiring people around you through the example you are. The truth you are living changes your energy field and attracts and creates a surrounding in which you fit perfectly. Leading this way is interbeing with all and everything, is inspiring and filled with meaning. It infuses your business life and your personal relations and you become the magnet for positive interaction.
This journey is crafted for women in leading positions with a constant longing to be connected to themselves, nature and the unified field in order to contribute to the creation of more peace and trust. First within themselves and then infusing their environment.

If you are on your way but need some wise and true company I would love to get to know you and your whole story. My part in your journey is that of an approacher: Approaching the most distant parts inside of you to a coherent and flowing organism in which all parts fit perfectly.

I became an approacher through many distances I covered inside myself. So now I am that person being able to listen to the untold stories and move the right stones in your riverbed.

growing a new inner body

Your itineary will take six months in which we meet in person once a month for a whole day ( 6 hours with two breaks of 1 hour ). Each day with one special mission: #1 going back to the source #2 dive deep into yourself #3 start creating your own life infused story #4 experience freedom & coherence #5 falling in love with life #6 getting stronger

Our first meeting is in Lenggries in January, 2020, at the wild side of the ISAR. It is the very start of a new year and a perfect point of departure for creating clarity, vision and connectedness. Nature shows her pure essence and clarity and we can develop our way along with her. The second meeting is planned on Mallorca, depending on your needs. The third meeting is a secret and a door you open.

As this is a premium approach to create more coherence in your life and a starting point for me to discover your very needs, I hold space for 4 individual journeys within 2020. For more details please contact: info@go-impuls.com. Posible languages: German or English

The invest for this life changing experience is 10K upfront & you will be integrated into another six months premium

Live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of your own unfolding

Gudrun Otten; C/Convento 31; 07200 Felanitx; +34 671 691 334; info@go-impuls.com; www.go-impuls.com

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Gudrun Otten


Thank you for the chance to create with your beautiful pics .... They show landscapes that are reflections of our inner landscape! Created with images by Karsten Würth (@inf1783) - "Lost in the Wilderness" • Herm - "water source nature" • Tuce - "Broken Log Path" • Jose Murillo - "lone person with waterfall" • Jeremy Bishop - "Outside The Sierra Nevadas" • David Bazo - "untitled image" • Peng Chen - "Yellowstone Gorge"