Dubai A playground for the rich people


There is not preserved much about the history of Dubai. There is one thing what they now and that is: That there are living people before year 0. In the 4th century there are living Greeks in Dubai. Due to the Greeks started the trade in Dubai. Dubai had a favorable location for trade. Dubai trading with Europe. That's why there was a lot of trade from the 15th century. Dubai also had a negative past. Parts of Dubai were in fact occupied. In 1622 were the Portuguese expelled. But in 1766 it had failed to expel the British. In 1800 had Dubai a chance to be the main international harbor of the world. In 1830 Bani Yasstam was taking Dubai. He wanted to use Dubai for a harbor. Dubai became independent in 1971. Dubai had a long negatieve time but now it’s one of the richest cities of the world.

Here you can see the desert Dubai was built in

The beginning of a rich city

In 1966 oil was found. And in 1969 they started to export the oil. By that discovery is expensive city. nowadays is 5% of the income earns from oil. It was very good for a long time. But in 2009 there was a crisis. In 2010 Dubai was living of the tourism.

These are just some examples of the cars that drive around Dubai's hot streets

The development of Dubai

The crisis led to a long break of construction projects. Now there are some many huge towers. the highest hotel in the world is built in Dubai. There are more high towers in Dubai, a few of them are the highest in the world.

here you can see that in a relatively short period of time Dubai has changed from desert to a city with millions of people visiting it every year

Transport of Dubai

Dubai has two big ports. One of them is one of the biggest ports of the world and also one of the busiest ports of the world. Dubai also has one of the biggest airports in the world, there are constantly new areas being built to be able to handle the immense flow of passengers. the roads of Dubai are also filled with supercars

on the left is the port, then the busy roads and on the left the airport

traffic in Dubai

Dubai is a modern city and also has modern traffic. An example is the metro system. It was opened in 2009 and is very modern. The metro is an important part of traffic in Dubai. But there is also traffic above the ground. Dubai has a great traffic system. It has more than 2000 busses, and 140 bus routes.

dubai isn't all desert ;-)

sights of dubai

Dubai lives of tourism. Recently Dubai was one of the most popular cities in the world. But why do people come to Dubai? Because Dubai has a lot of sights. an example are the islands. On the coast of Dubai are a few artificial islands (more about that later on). The islands are palm islands. But the most of them were building by other lands. The Palm Jumeirah is one of the popular of Dubai. The coolest thing in Dubai is the Wild Wadi, it’s an aquapark. There are more things with water in Dubai that are popular. Because there are a few tower with a aquarium. And the beach is also popular by people. Earlier was the oil important for Dubai, but now the tourism is important for Dubai.

Here you can see dubai marina

the Dubai lifestyle

Dubai is one of the richest cities in the world. An average house starts at around 15 million US dollars. People who buy houses like these obviously have a chauvinistic lifestyle. Because Dubai is such a crowded city with incredibly high property values, Dubai has a very high supercar concentration. this means that the police has to drive around in the fastest cars in the world to be able to keep up with the blazing fast lamborghini’s, ferrari’s, mclarens, pagani’s and bugatti's.

Dubai's laws

Because Dubai is filled with speed demons, the police has a lot of attention for people driving above the speed limit. They are one of the most advanced cities in laws about driving. An average penalty for racing comes in at around 2000 US dollars. Because of these high fines the police can afford to keep up with the racing millionaires of Dubai.

this is a dubai police vehicle

dubai's geography

Dubai is in the united arab emirates. that means average temperatures are incredibly high. In summer people have to be inside at around 3 o'clock because of the strong sun, if you are outside at that hour your skin would burn no matter if you are wearing sun cream or not. Dubai was formed in a desert. In 1978 there was one skyscraper and a few apartments, nearly 40 years later Dubai has grown into an amazing city full of tourists and people who have enough money to buy a house there.

this is a property on the outskirts of dubai

staying in Dubai

Staying in Dubai as a tourist is an amazing experience but when you see the prices you might consider just going somewhere else. A hotel starts at around 200 US dollars per night for a reasonably decent room. If you want the full experience you should rent a place in one of the biggest towers on earth, the burj al arab. Prices here are around 2000 US dollars per night. A lot of this money goes to the government as tourism is one of the biggest sources of income for the UAE government.

dubai marina

The first skyscraper in Dubai was the Dubai World Trade Centre built in 1978, It was the biggest skyscraper in the middle east at that time. In the late nineties people began developing bigger and bigger projects and mostly since 2005 the area around Dubai World Trade Centre began expanding and Dubai World Trade Centre wasn’t the biggest skyscraper anymore. This area was named Dubai Marina. The unique skyline of Dubai has one large tower standing out, the Burj Khalifa. This 828 meter high tower was built in 2007 and still holds the record for biggest building in the world. It is a tourist attraction. There even were plans to build a 1200 meter tall building named Nakheel Tower but due to the world financial crisis plans for this tower were changed and the Burj Khalifa legacy lives on.

this is dubai marina


At the Dubai coast are artificial palm islands like Palm Jumeirah. The island Palm Jebel Ali is already built but not inhabited. in half a circle around the island the Central Business District was built, it’s seven times bigger than manhattan and would be one of the biggest (maybe even the biggest) business dedicated area’s in the world.

here you can see palm Jebel ali
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