Instagram Robots the Best digikala offers by nahids

In a word, Instagram robot is the best option to increase real Instagram followers. Without exaggeration, using the Instagram robot is the most profitable for Instagram pages. Your most targeted followers will be attracted to your Instagram business only by the Instagram robot.

Buying an Instagram page ready-made or buying an Instagram follower, in which 99% of follower sales sell fake followers, has no profit for you, not even a loss.

But using an Instagram robot will help you attract at least 90% of your business target market to your Instagram page.

But which Instagram robot? This is an important issue! Which robot is safer? Which is more secure? Which robot is cheaper? Which Instagram robot has more features?

Right now, if you get started and search for the word "Instagram robot" on Google, at least 20 sites offering Instagram robots will be displayed for you. But which one is really useful?

In this article, I want to introduce you to the best Instagram robots in terms of security, quality and features. I have personally used some of them and in this article I am going to share my experiences with you. I will try to give you a case study of each.

Of course, I also ask you to accompany me and if you have any experience (whether good or bad) in using Instagram bots, share it with me. By doing this, you will definitely help other friends in choosing the right Instagram robot.

What is an Instagram robot?

The first question is what exactly is an Instagram robot? Simply put, the Instagram robot is a web application (previously, of course, there was a robot called Ninjagram under Windows) whose main job is to perform a series of activities that take place on Instagram.

Using the Instagram robot, you can do activities that you do not have time to do (such as interacting with users) very easily.

Working with the Instagram robot is very simple. To get started, just log in to the robot with your Instagram account. Schedule a series of activities that you plan to do and then the robot will do it for you completely automatically (without your intervention).

Instagram bots are designed by programmers and the Instagram API, which is publicly available to everyone, and what you see is just a user panel, something like the image below, where you can do your work automatically through that app. Throw.

Instarbat panel

Of course, I will explain more about the items you see in the picture above.

There are many sites that offer Instagram robots that you can use only by subscribing to them and charging your account. These sites will provide you with a user panel and you can log in to your Instagram account and get started.

Why should we use the Instagram robot?

I can boldly say that using the Instagram robot will be the best way to attract targeted followers to anyone. These days, most friends who are thinking of increasing their Instagram followers use Instagram bots.

This is exactly what I have heard from several administrators of Instagram follower service sites, most of whom say that most of their customers are now moving towards the Instagram robot, and no one buys Instagram followers anymore!

You can also attract a lot of followers to your page with Instagram bots. How do you think such a thing is possible?

There is a rule in social networks that according to this rule, if you interact with someone, for example, like his photo or leave a comment for him, even if he is a stranger, he will answer you. In response to what you have done, he may be interested in following you.

Try it now. For example, go to the page of a famous artist and post a challenging comment on the latest photo he posted on his Instagram. See how many people may like you and follow you.

So according to this rule, you can easily increase your Instagram followers over time by doing daily activities such as liking or following others.

On the other hand, you can not increase your followers just by posting. In the best case, if you publish quality posts, your content may go viral. This issue may be seen in one percent of Iranian Instagram pages. In this situation, you must interact with more people to introduce them to your page.

But the important thing is that you are by no means idle to do these things during the day. This is why the use of the Instagram robot is recommended. The Instagram robot does exactly what you want with your account during the day.

For example, you can instruct your Instagram robot to like all the photos that have the hashtag "business". Or leave a comment below the latest photos of Mr. Parviz Parastavi's page followers. Or send a direct message to people who have posted photos with Niavaran location.

Not interesting really? All of this allows you to interact with others without getting involved. All this will be easily possible with the Instagram robot.

Important Note: If you do all these things manually, Instagram will definitely realize that you are a spammer and will close your account.