Mt.Galunggung,Java,Indonesia Leroy Mitchell

Mt. Galunggung Before Eruption
Mt. Galunggung After Eruption

The eruption of Mt. Galunggung brought the dangers of volcanic ash to aviation to worldwide attention after two Boeing 747 passenger jets flying downwind of the eruption suffered temporary engine failures and damage to exterior surfaces,both planes being forced to make emergency landings at Jakarta airport.Australia carrying 240 passengers accidentally entered the ash cloud downwind of the volcano which caused all four engines to fail due to the buildup of volcanic ash,and the aircraft descended for 16 minutes until the crew managed to restart the engines and land in Jakarta.

During the eruption nuee ardentes and mud flows killed 4,011 people and destroyed 114 villages.During the 1982 eruption about 68 people died mostly from indirect causes such as traffic,accidents, and lack of food.The large volume of exposed pyroclastic material on the volcano have made the hazard associated with secondary lahars very high.

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