the devil's arithmetic merlene arreola

  1. Author or editor of more than 280
  2. born on February 11, 1939
  3. yolen's family moved to California when she was one year old.
  4. her brother Will joined the army as a second lieutenant.
  5. after the war her family moved back to Manhattan
  6. When she turned 13 she she started creating a newspaper with her brother
  7. She published her first book on her 22nd birthday
  8. The first book she published was called "pirates in petticoats"
  9. In the devil's Arithmetic the camp she wrote about was similar to another camp.
  10. Yolen came from a Jewish background
  11. She was married 44 years to David W. Stemple
  12. Jane's husband died from cancer on March 2006
  13. Jane attended Quaker summer when she was twelve and thirteen
  14. Jane believes that the Devil's Arithmetic was the type of book that had to be written

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  1. Morning meal= imitation coffee or herbal tea, for lunch= watery soup and if lucky found a piece of turnip or potato peel, evenings= May have been given a small piece of black bread; maybe a small piece of sausage or cheese.
  2. To transport the Jews, they were locked inside cattle trucks for days until day of arrival.
  3. When the Jews arrived, the Nazis would take their clothes away and shave all their hair off.
  4. If the Nazis thought a Jew was too weak to work, they would kill them by making them go into gas or shot or burned.
  5. If a Jew tried to escape he would be shot to death.
  • Jews believe in judaism.
  • They celebrate Shabbat, Hanukkah, and sukkot.
  • Persecuted by

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The use of propaganda that I used can lead people into believing that all Jews are evil because it shows an evil picture of a Jew. A person would also believe it if they don't like Jews.

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Hannah Stern and I are alike in very little ways. Hannah and I can be rude whenever we want to be, even when we don't. We are also similar because we can be nice and respectful when we choose to be, even to people who aren't nice to us back. Hannah and I are also similar because we are stubborn, in The Devil's Arithmetic Hannah refuses to die like I refuse to quit during sports. Hannah is also determined to regain memory of her family. Even though Hannah dies she comes back to her family and finally understands why passover is celebrated.

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In the fictional novel The Devil's Arithmetic by Jane Yolen the main character Hannah is rude but can also be very sweet. In the first chapter of The Devil's Arithmetic Hannah and her family are going to Passover Seder at her grandparents house. Hannah feels like everything that happened at the concentration camps should be kept in the past. ¨All Jewish holidays are about remembering, Mama. I'm tired of remembering¨. Hannah seems like she doesn't like her past or that she doesn't like where her family comes from because she would rather stay at her friend Rosemary's house and celebrate Rosemary's beliefs then go with her family and celebrate Passover Seder.

Hannah seems very sad and confused when she opens her door for the prophet. Hannah finds herself in a different place where she has family she doesn't know and everyone calls her Chaya. Hannah doesn't know where she is and why everyone says she's from Lubin.

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When the Nazi come to take the people from the village including Chaya (Hannah) and everyone is taken to the concentration camps, everyone starts losing hope when things start getting hard and crucial.

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I will come back for you and The Devil's Arithmetic are similar because they both take place during world war two. The dad in ¨ I will come back for you¨ and the people from ¨The Devil's Arithmetic¨ both get taken away by the nazi because the characters are both jews. The characters are both scared when the nazi comes. The characters think that they will come back but they don't, the dad in ¨i will come back for you¨ never comes back after he escapes and joins a group. In ¨The Devil's Arithmetic¨ Hannah knows what's going to happen to them and so does the family in ¨I will come back for you¨.

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  1. Hannah
  2. happy, kind, rude, and smart
  3. Who is a sister of Aaron
  4. enjoys going to the mall and hanging out with Rosemary
  5. Who feels confused and unhappy
  6. Needs to find a way to get back to her family
  7. Who gives entertainment and knowledge
  8. who fears going to a concentration camp
  9. h

Literary luminary april 10

  • "you can be my second-best friend, Rachel. My friend-best here"pg.47 Comment: I think Hannah was a little bit rude in this quote.
  • "school, too!"pg.49 Comment: I think that the girls don't really understand that Hannah isn't really their chaya so they are fascinated that she can go to school since they aren't allowed to go.
  • "Kansas is in America. Near New Rochelle"pg.52 Comment: I think Gitl is trying to make fun of Hannah's stories and i think Gitl doesn't believe Hannah at all.

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