Farming in Colonial Times by:sage

Did you know that kids drank beer in colonial times? They drank beer because their water was bad for them and the cows were too scared to produce milk. They would also have to farm for their own food. Colonial America food and farming was very interesting.

In colonial America farming was very hard for the farmers because they had so many big rocks and stumps in the way. The farmers had to work around the rocks and stumps so they could plant their crops successfully. Farming was hard but it is still possible.

Some tools used for farming were a pitchfork for moving hay a shovel for digging up rocks and small stumps, wood, nails, hammer and land to grow crops.  Seed that they would use to grow crops were corn, potatoes, wheat and tobacco. Tools and seed were important so they could grow crops and work the farmlands.

its so interesting how kids were forced to drink beer. I hope I never have to be a farmer in colonial times.

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