"In Rome, nothing mattered more than the gods, and nothing mattered LESS THAN its slaves."


The Mark Of the Thief is an adventure written by Jennifer A. Nielsen. It is about a slaved boy who works in mines. It was a risky and arduous job. Nic had been enslaved when his mother was also sold. Nic and his sister, Livia had had a rough life. Slavery was popular at the times of ancient Rome. Unfortunately for Nic's family, they had all become one of them. All except his father, who had died years ago when apparently struck by lightning. Nic and Livia had never gotten to know him. This book is about magic, history, and Roman Mythology, all beautifully entwined. When a mysterious cave is discovered, it becomes the chance for Nic to become more than just a slave, to give Livia the great life she never had.


Nic and Livia both worked in the mines. They were enslaved by a cruel man named Sal. He gave ridiculous commands to follow. He also wanted to marry Livia when she came of age in a few years. Nic despised Sal. Not having any parents or money, Livia and him had to obey Sal to survive. When the general of Rome, a powerful and dangerous man named Radulf comes to the mines for critical reasons, Nic is chosen to retrieve the item that Radulf so desperately wants. He instructed Nic to go down a long passage leading down to a dingy and ominous cave. Only there, would he find the greatest item discovered in Roman history. The item that would change his life, Livia's life too.

The Setting

This exciting adventure develops in two main places. The mines, and Rome. The mines were a place of danger and darkness.

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