FORGE LaurIe Halse andErson

In this book, Curzon is mostly in Valley Forge in a snow covered forest. It's pure silence except for the gun shots and disturbing bird squawking in the distance.
Although the book doesn't specifically tell you where Curzon and the rest of his regiment is, they tell the reader that they are on a trail just south of Albany. Albany is in New York, developed on the West Bank of the Hudson River.
This book is during the end of the revolutionary war. The author makes it seem that the regiment is currently in some sort of vacation by making them stay in Valley Forge.
Every night the regiment wakes up, covered in snow from the hourly snow fall. The regiment soon makes a Linclon Log house without windows to make sure all heat stays in.
Since there was a lack of medical knowledge, many of the soldiers die of gunshot wounds or untreated cuts or gashes. The population is quite low because of this.
Some objects that help paint pictures for the reader are stuff like quills, breeches, waist coats, ink, and stockings for men. These objects aren't used as often as they were a lonnnnnnnnnggggg time ago.
The author is a real buzz kill. She makes most of the characters greedy and self centered. The characters think that since Curzon is African, they can take his blankets and clothes to wear to keep THEM from the cold.
The setting makes the reader want to reinsurer themselves that they don't have to live in the horrors of war and death. Being separated from ones loved ones is hard. The settings gives all the characters a different expressions for when as if they are shopping and out of the dangers of war. The snow and coldness makes them self centered by hoping for others death so they can take clothes or materials so that they can live. Many of the characters steal Curzons fair share of warm clothing by beating him up and reminding him that he is still black.


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