Tom Sawyer Prequel by Anthony Gasse

Tom live with is mother when she catch a disease. She go to the hospital for almost a month and when she come back at home with Tom. Tom find her in her bed wit a paper in her hand. On the paper his mother write taht he gonna go with his aunt Polly. She is her sister. After Tom pick his thingf and go at aunt Polly's house. Tom tell what happen and then they cray together for a while.
Then the hospital call Tom and the doctor sais that his mother die of a heart attack so that why Tom don't heard her when she die. A week later, the funeral of the mother of Tom start and all the village is here in the church of St-Petersburg. The mayor tell some remember and then Tom and the village tell a word about her for Tom familly. A month later, Tom is hidding from his aunt Polly.
Created By
Anthony Gasse


Prequel of the book

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