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Day 1: Summer Palace

Heres the inside of the restaurant
These are
Here is what bubble tea looks like
This is Peking Duck

On the first day, after you land from the airport and a Shuttle Bus will take you to Beijing, the Capital of China, which will happen to be during the 7 month and seven day festival in July! When you arrive, the weather will be very warm and sunny so you should bring sunscreen. Now, after landing you will be driven to the Aman hotel. And you will be able to relax in the spacious 25 meter pool, or get something refreshing at the juice bar. A popular drink for you to consider trying is Bubble Tea. It comes in many delicious flavors! You can also go to the luxurious spa, whirlpool tubs, or have fun playing quash ball, and enjoy the great room service and much more. Now after checking into the hotel, and enjoying the exciting activities, we will head to the summer palace, which is through a secret door that only the employees can open for you! Now at the summer palace there will be a tour guide to show you the vast gardens, statues and much more. Riding in one of the gorgeous marble Boats, which float on the water very gently, along the rivers and lakes. These lakes and rivers float alongside and some lead into the Summer Palace. And along the way you might wonder, how was this place built? What’s the story behind the beautiful palace. What did it go through? All of these questions will be answered when you take the tour.

Here is a picture of the restaurant
This is one of the Summer Palace's many gardens

Then you will be dropped off in front of a traditional themed, high quality restaurant. This restaurant is named the Bai Jia Da Yuan Restaurant. They do offer vegetarian, Chinese and Asian food choices. We do recommend Peking duck and the Guan Chang, which are very popular food items in Beijing. These foods give a glimpse into the interesting Culture of China. The last thing you will do on your first day, is go to bed in your lovely hotel suite and rest for the next day. There will be another adventure waiting for you to explore.on

Heres another garden

Day 2: Forbidden City

This is a Building where royal people once lived.

Aman Hotel you will wake up and have an awesome breakfast, that will help you start your day. Then you will get all ready to start your great day. Once you finish getting ready you will get in a taxi and go to the forbidden city. At the forbidden city you will take a breath taking private tour through the forbidden city. You will get to see where massive armies used to walk and where people trained to over power rulers. Powerful people who walk the earth and destroying armies that stand in their way stay there. There will be watchtower that tower over you. The architecture is breathtaking one place out of the ordinary . After your private tour at forbidden city, you will go to downtown Beijing and go to some stores that you desire to go. If you are a little hungry you can stop at a local coffee bar and get something Have a good time go to the bar go to the spa have a great time relax and then have a good night.eat or to drink. After you checked out downtown Beijing you are feeling hungry, so you decided to go to Richang Restaurant and get some amazing food and drinks.Have a good time go to the bar go to the spa have a great time relax and then have a good night in a luxury sweat.

This is what you will see when you first come to the forbidden city.

Day 3: Great Wall of China

On your third day after you drop all of your belongings off at the hotel, The Peninsula Beijing you'll visit the longest man made structure ever built, the Great Wall of China. When we're there we'll be visiting the Following sections; Jiankou, the steepest, most beautiful part of the wall. Jinshanling, the part of the wall that is loved by most photographers and Mtianu, the best reserved part of the wall. After we get through the tour of the wall itself you'll have free time. You can also even paraglide near the wall during your free time!

When you're at Peninsula Beijing,

Day 4: Terracotta Soldiers

Today you will be visiting the most interesting museum in China. The museum you will be visiting today is Emperor Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum Site Museum, Lintong. Most specially the terracotta soldiers. These 8,000 soldiers had meant a lot to Emperor Qin Shi Huang. These 8,000 soldiers meant a lot to the Emperor because back then they had a strong belief on afterlife because of their beliefs on afterlife the 30,000 families made these 8,000 soldiers to look out for the Emperor in the afterlife, because Emperor Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor and he meant alot to the people. This process of making the soldiers was hard because it took many hours to just make one. This took so long because all 8,000 soldiers had different facial features to look different , It took these people 14,600 days (40 years) to make all 8,000 soldiers.

Now we are making our way to the BEIJING ZOO, fun fact about this zoo is that it’s been around for 102 years that is 37,230 days made in 1906 is that crazy or what. This Zoo was going through alot in the world war 1, most of their animals died because of it others escaped but died off later the zoo was later rebuilt in 1945 then reopened in 1950. This zoo has over 600 species and more than 7,000 animals, because it’s one of the most biggest also most expensive zoos and famous zoo in the world . This zoo has -some of the most fearful, cutest, funniest, and coolest animal and this are examples bears, lions, tigers, zebras, many different sorts of birds, yaks, hippopotamuses, giraffes, gorillas, elephants,

After the zoo you will be going to a restaurant called Little Yunnan. It has 4.7 review. According to this picture the food looks really good that's probably why it has a 4.7 review. This restaurant is also really good for kids that's another reason you should go there if you have kids.


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