Communities of Care in the houston Metropolitan Statistical area

10 Collaboratives, 1 Mission

Mission: to support Houston Metropolitan Statistical Area communities in their efforts to​ inclusively and collaboratively transform the environments where people​ live, learn, work, play and pray ​to support ​resiliency, mental health, equity and well-being ​in everyday life for all members of their community with a specific focus on ​children and youth of color and their families.

The Communities of Care Collaboratives

Name (Lead Agency)

  1. Reaching Richmond (AccessHealth)
  2. Asian Americans Attaining Awareness​ (Asian American Health Coalition)
  3. Babies in Baytown (First3Years)
  4. Dream 77021 (Neighborhood Recovery CDC)
  5. East End Community Collaborative (CHRISTUS Foundation for HealthCare)
  6. The Future is Us(Family Service Center of Galveston County)
  7. Healthy Outdoor Communities​ (Houston Parks Board)
  8. Project Rise and Shine: Live Life to the Fullest (Light and Salt Association)
  9. Hiram Clarke Community Resilience Project (Mental Health America of Greater Houston)
  10. Connect Community (My Connect Community)

Phase 1: Community Engagement and Assessment

Using the THRIVE Framework and authentic engagement for information gathering, the 10 collaboratives will identify protective factors, risk factors, opportunities, and priorities for action as determined by their communities.

PI's THRIVE Framework

Phase 2: Planning

Based on takeaways and data analysis from the assessment phase, the 10 collaboratives will generate strategies aligned with their community-prioritized THRIVE Factors that support ​resiliency, mental health, equity and well-being (especially for youth, their families, and historically excluded groups).

Phase 3: Implementation

With the support of PI's technical assistance and a continuous process of improvement throughout Phase 3, the 10 collaboratives will each take action to transform the prioritized THRIVE Factors (determinants of health) within their communities that create inequitable outcomes for mental health and well-being among families of color.

Communities of Care Initiative Timeline:

June 1, 2019 - May 31, 2024

  • Years 1-2: Community Engagement, Assessment & Planning
  • Years 3-5: Implementation & Continuous Improvement

The Communities of Care initiative is coordinated by Prevention Institute, evaluated by a team of local experts, and funded by the Hogg Foundation for Mental Heath.