Structures I Portfolio by: luCJan Rostkowski-Covington

Structural Equilibrium

Structural Equilibrium: In this project we were tasked with building a static equilibrium model with a cube and a combination of strings and rods.

I used one cube and three rods, tying the string around the cube and suspending it from one long rod.

Horizontal Structure

In this exercise we were tasked with creating a bridge made out of basswood sticks that would be aesthetically beautiful, resist vertical loads, and be efficient in the use of materials.

My bridge supported thirty six pounds of vertical loads, bending and breaking in the middle. The bridge broke because I did not add enough cross bracing in the middle between the two sides, I did, however; add double the support on both sides.

Designing Trusses

In this project we were tasked with creating four different trusses, one perfectly symmetrical truss, one with a pitch, one asymmetrical truss, and one curved truss.

Even though these are all trusses that already exist in real life, I made sure to incorporate some of my own design strategies into them. My goal was complexity for structural stability and simplicity and elegance in design. My favorite two trusses were the pitched and asymmetrical ones, I loved exploring more abstract forms in these two with their non-linear bases.

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