Safe & Secure

These procedures are intended to inform, not to alarm. We have not had a threat or incident, but we want to be as prepared as possible for either evacuation or lock down if necessary. In the event of an emergency, a text will be issued from church office personnel to inform leadership. A standard emergency message will be sent instructing either an evacuation or lock down. Department directors and others who are on the notification system will be asked to keep their cell phones turned on and available to receive messages.


In each education room an evacuation plan is posted. Please familiarize yourself with the closest exit. Purposes for evacuation will vary but the following practices should be observed.

When in an education setting...

1. Remain calm

2. Leave personal items

3. Use nearest exit

4. Children will be secured

5. Assist handicapped

6. Use stairwells to exit

7. Yield to children

8. Be alert for emergency vehicles

When in the Worship Center...

1. Exit orderly

2. Leave personal items

3. Use the nearest exit


Procedures will vary depending upon the day, time, and setting. Every caution will be exercised to operate within these guidelines. However, every situation will be different. Communication will be extremely important and we will do all we can to stay in touch with our members. The church employs off-duty police officers and they will be informed about any incident.

When in an education setting...

1. Secure the door

2. Silence cell phones

3. Turn off lights

4. Avoid windows

5. Children will be secured

When in the Worship Center...

1. Off-duty police officers are present - rely on them

2. Silence cell phones

3. Stay down

4. Exit when possible

Thank you for your leadership!

You are appreciated!

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