The Places of My Adventure A story for my loves, penelope and telemachus

After the victorious war of Troy I was carried west from Ilion to Ismaros. Once we were at the island of Cicones i killed the men who fought. My men killed multiple sheep and feasted. Cicones armies fought on horseback, and my men held our beach. No ships left for there was Cicones on the field.

We came to an island of lotus eaters who all lotuses. I came of with a great idea of choosing men to discover what race of men were the Lotus Eaters. My men went with the Lotus Eaters and showed them they won't cause harm. They offered them Lotus, but whoever ate this flower would forget were they came from. Then I took my men to row the ship to go home.

My men and I then came upon a fearsome cyclops. We him an offering and ate in the embers. He came back to lite his fire and we ran back away from the beast. The cyclops closed the cave with a boulder so we couldn't escape. He questioned us who we were and what brings us here. I spoke wisely and told him we were blown off course. I told him our ship was wrecked and my name was nobody. We then made a a wooden spike to pierce the cyclops' eye. The cyclops then cried that nobody as blinded him. He forcefully moved the boulder. and we left the cave tied under the belly of rams.

After we escaped the Cyclops we came upon the island of Aeolia. Then Aeolus, in trade for taking all the storm winds in a bull's hide bag, he did not harm the Ithacans . My men thought the bag contained great treasures and the bag caused a great storm which brought us back to Aeolia.

Once we left Aeolia a second time, we stopped on the Island of the Laestrygonians. Here giant cannibals destroyed all the ships and ate all the men except my ship. We managed to escape and land on the island of Aeaea.

We went to the hall of Circe, with her wolves and lions watching Circe. We could hear her sing in her house then we came in the house with all her animals. We then feasted and Eurylochus came to tell us that our men were turned into animals. I encountered with Hermes and he gave me a plant to resist Circe's power. Circe then knew she was not powerful enough to handle me and let my men go. I stayed with her and my men for seasons of feasting, Circe told me that I must go see Teiresias at the land of the dead.

I had to speak with Teiresias, and I sacrificed my best black lamb for the dead. I could hear the dead all around me and I told my men to kill all the sheep. I used my sword to keep them in the pit. The dark prince of Thebes asked why I came to the land of the dead and told me there were to be suffering ahead. The dark prince said that I will be the last of my crew to survive, to come home to trouble. Then there would be men eating our livestock.

Ahead on my journey came sirens that sang songs to kill men. You must not listen, for dead men all around them.

We then had to pass Scylla and no ship has ever passed her. I didn't tell my men about Circe's prophecy of only me surviving. We were to shun the sirens and my men tied me up. I carried wax with me while sailing, I put it in their ears. I heard the lovely singing of the sirens and to get my crew to untie me. We sailed away and removed the beeswax from our ears. The Scylla killed six of my best men and tried to grab me. We managed to row on.

My men insisted on landing on Thrinakia, the island of the sun god, We dragged the ship into a sea cave. I told my men that we were not to touch the cattle on the island and that we were to eat food from the ship. We eventually ran out of food and we were forced to look for food. I prayed to the gods and then Eurylochus sacrificed the best of the cattle for us so we wouldn't starve. Helios became angered and told Father Zeus to punish my men for killing his kine. Zeus struck lightning on my ship to be destroyed, for I was the only survivor. I lived to make it to Calypso's island.


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