DXBEE Media The Future of the Connect Department

1. Key Industry Trends

Key Factors Affecting the Industry

Demand for Digital Marketing services in the UAE are on the rise due to

1) Market is down, therefore larger companies are downsizing and contracting out instead of in-house

2) Downsizing has also resulted in previous full-time employees now freelancing = downsizing has resulted in both the demand and result

Perceptions of Digital Marketing in Region

The Good: Digital communication (social media, blogs, newsletters) in the Arab world are perceived as having numerous positive aspects that enhance the quality of life of individuals, business profitability and government interaction with public

The Bad: Users do shows a lack of trust in digital communication (social media in particular). They believe it has negative effects on local culture and traditions

Top Digital Platforms in UAE

Google.ae is the top search engine, while Facebook and WhatsApp are the most used social channel. SnapChat hasn't even come close, at a mere 19% (Jan 2016)

2. Predicted Future of Digital Marketing

1. Live Video: Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram all introduce live video

  • Audiences crave organic, real-time, personality driven engagement
  • New ads will be rolled out to disrupt live content

2. Mobile Content Is King: Mobile has already surpassed desktop views

  • More mobile-only apps similar to Instagram
  • Google will be harsher against non-responsive site
  • Pokemon Go will integrate ads

3. Conversational Bots: Automated private responses to gather customer service info

  • Further automated lead response integration
  • Automated comments

4. Uncovered Search, Beyond Conventional Search Engines: Mainstream search engines can only access open sites

  • New apps and search engines that can access open sites (Boardreader, Omgili, Dotmos.com) will become wider used to search password protected sites, Tumblr, Twitter, forums etc
  • Visual search apps such as Blippar will become new AR search

5. Paid Content Down, Content Marketing Up: More ad blockers being used as trust/quality of ads are down

  • 88% of marketing is expected to be through content
  • Long posts with growing number of case studies
  • ebooks, downloads, podcasts, white papers

3. How Are We Currently Marketing?

Social Media

There is a heavy focus on social networks, being used mostly as an extension of our portfolio. Currently posting previous client projects

Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook


Currently our main source of SEO, the blog is our top source of direct traffic. Again, as an extension of the portfolio, we are currently sharing previous client projects and case studies.


Under used at the moment, with no strategy in place to gather new contacts or make use of current contacts.

4. What Services Should We Be Offering

Eliminate the extra step of recruiting clients to sign up for an inexpensive, often one-off Connect package

Instead, use Connect as internal marketing/sales - sign up required (login only) incentives for lead generation, and drive sales.


Creating educational resources that push our products and development services further, giving potential clients a glimpse into how to further their marketing - always with the message that they need to INNOVATE, OR GET LEFT BEHIND.

How will Creating Resources Convert Leads?

Creating interest and industry based resources (coupled with our digital marketing efforts) will bring in relevant site visitors.

Resources will require signing up for our newsletter. The sign up process will require them to fill out relevant info (company, current marketing issues, industry etc)

Account Executive will be able to follow up with the leads that the marketing initiatives brought in, and in turn take necessary steps to close client deals

Why Create Resources for Potential Leads?

1. Establishes DXBEE as Thought Leaders

2. Drives inbound traffic based on industry and interest specific content (lower bounce rate)

3. Helps audiences and furthers conversation rather than just telling them what we do

4. Changes our brand narrative from 'all about our products' to 'all about our clients'

5. Takes full advantage of my skills as a Content Creator will minimal extra resources or team members necessary

6. Establishing ourselves as experts allows us to increase our service prices

What are The Next Steps?

1. Create digital strategy that furthers our short term goals of

  1. getting leads through newsletter sign ups
  2. drive visitors to our resources page
  3. get featured in local press to increase awareness
  4. build an online community to increase reach

2. Optimize the website to drive conversions for sign ups and contacting us through contact page form

3. Integrate CRM/system to easily manage new sign ups and streamline follow ups with leads

HubSpot Sales and Marketing CRM

All in one tool - no more SproutSocial, MailChimp, Buffer, HooteSuite, Social Ads Platforms, SEO tools etc

Track the entire sales process - from creating the targeted content, launching & monitoring ads, segmenting audiences, connecting with leads - from one platform

$200/month - including a free CRM tool, Sales tool also starts at $0 depending on the extra adds on we'd like

The Math: 20 downloads a month (20 sales leads) - 2 client conversions a month (even with the least expensive Create service, this would pay for itself)

Streamline the entire process between executives and Connect department, as all info would be stored in one platform


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