Be Aware OF SELF

This week had it's dips and rises. I did end up being sick for a few days there, but I staved off the garlic and honey remedy. Maybe next time. Maybe not.

This coming week

My adventurous darling dearest will set for the southern hemisphere. She will begin a teaching program in Santiago, Chile — and I couldn't be more proud. A lot went into this preparation that I merely spectated. Maybe I helped a little :P


I feel sick.

Don't make me talk to you. I don't want to write. It's a perfectly good excuse too. A hovering annoyance. A dance party going on in your own head while you're sleep deprived and you have to get up early again. You want them to stop, or better, just die. Cease.

Oh, I see what you did there. You got me talking when I just told you I felt too sick to scribble some words.


I obsess over my art.

but in a very bad and unproductive way. I wait for the planets to align and think that a beam of cosmic energy will shine on what I'm working on and deem it ready to publish. Maybe a voice only I can hear would speak or something. Otherwise there's about nine reasons a day that my brain closes the door on my creativity. A closet full of ideas that has to be forced closed shut. The latch finally clicks and it's gone.

"Maybe tomorrow.." I say

What a terrible thing to say to myself.

Some fish to relax you.


Please don't carry a conversation

with me that can only be composed of monosyllabic answers. I will most likely hate you shortly after. Unless of course we're family or something, then I'll put up with it for a while and then just get snappy.

Maybe have a fun fact ready that could spin off int some profound and insightful conversation. Just tell me about your day and the various thoughts / frustrations you had. That, at least, would make it more human. That would be great. That would be genuine.

Then I would like you and not have to shoot you in the leg.

(I do not own a firearm.)


I know its difficult when you are directly involved

but I'm here to help you take that simple step back that can help immensely. Just one scoot in the negative space. From the negative space. From "so-and-so" who is being a butt. A single step back from the drama, as it were, and realize how humorous our little problems are. Of course I'm not speaking of real life problems, just the ones you don't realize are silly just yet.

Sometimes. Most of the time, taking a step back can help a lot of aspects of you day to day minutia. Could be a figurative step, or literal, but once you stop and take a breath the logic come to stand forward. That breath and break in time that you shunt your emotion, give the smallest window to let you mind peak through. Some people still ignore logic and common sense when it appears. You know these people as well as I do.

Remember to stop. Remember to take a breath. Give your brain the opening to weigh in on your day. Let it take over, because more likely, it will let you make a logical and sensible decision.

Focus on your breathing.

Each of these ramblings are an internal treatment. Directed at myself. But like many people who talk to themselves, once they write it down, it can mean something to other people.

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