Exciting Commercials Entice Viewers To Purchase Super Bowl Commercial Stocks By Sarah Pitcher

Every year companies such as Bud Light, Coke and Doritos come out with the most ridiculous, yet engaging commercials for the Super Bowl every year and they make loads of money off of them too. On the Monday after the Super Bowl many people buy stock from companies who aired commercials that they enjoyed. The common person who watches the Super Bowl is looking for a nice way to spend an evening in February watching one of the biggest games of the year. However, they don't end up with just an interesting game the get to watch interesting commercials too. Let’s say that Coca Cola aires a hilarious commercial that the public love.Even though, the spent 4 million dollars on it they will get loads of money back in people buying stocks. Studies have shown that likeable commercials make people like that company which might lead them to believe that company will be successful.

Coke Commercials always appear at the Super Bowl.

Then, that person will buy stock. Every thirty seconds of a commercial aired during the super bowl is 4 million dollars, but they earn a lot of that money back in stock purchases. The people at forbes.com say “watch a Super Bowl commercial and we like it, we also end up liking the firm that aired that commercial, which consequently leads to a net buying of those firm’s stocks. In my study, I argued that this is why Super Bowl commercial likeability correlates positively with stock returns on the Monday after the game."

It costs 4 million dollars for every 30 second interval for each commercial aired during the Super Bowl .
Budweiser's Stock Market will increase on the Monday after the Super if people like their commercials.

Plus, the people at Fortune.com state “However, the type of investors are notable—they are expected to come from "everyday" investors and not frequent traders. Part of this is attributed to the age-old theory of "buying what you know," and the study's researchers believes this leads to a bias towards familiar stocks.”

Average fans are usually the ones who end up buying stocks.

These statements prove millions of people buy stocks after the Super Bowl. In conclusion, many average people enjoy the interesting commercials that are aired on the magical Sunday that is the Super Bowl, but they don’t realize how much good those expensive commercials do for the companies who create them.

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