should cities be offered free-wifi? By Harry

A lot of time has been wasted when you go to a coffee shop to enjoy and do no work because there is no wifi. There is lots of people that don't have enough money to buy internet plans. I think cities should be offered free public-wifi so that we can work efficiently.

If there is free-wifi we can work on academy stuff online, there are a lot of learning websites online, such as Newsela and Quizlet, but if there is no wifi you can't access any of them. When someone is working outside, they can't access the files that are shared with them, they can't update it and there might be important information been shared at that second. If there is free-wifi, you can work while someone else or your parents are driving. It might be bad for your eyes when the car is moving, but the car would stop in a traffic jam it wouldn't damage your eyes. Would you rather be waiting for traffic or be efficient about the situation and get something done?

Someone may say that they have Data on their iPhones and iPads, but those don't last forever, people can get really stressed out if there is no wifi to use and those wifi cost money, people spend hundreds of dollars per year buying Cellular Data, if the cities offeres free-wifi you can save hundreds of dollars.

I support the idea about free public-wifi, it would make us more efficient, get better at time management and get updated on your documents, so start writing letters to city mayors about thinking to add free-wifi, or just to coffee shops, it will make a big effect on the people around us.


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