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Hi everyone, I’m writing this in the back of an Uber! It is amazing how we can work anywhere anytime, it redefines how we work and the view from our offices is ever-changing.

It's been another fabulous week for the UTB team. Mike, Sam and Adrian have been presenting Google efficiency workshops for corporate customers at the Google offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

Lara is back onboard after a holiday enjoying the snow in Japan, while Donna and Tim have been working with schools across New Zealand.

Enjoy this edition of our newsletter.

Cheers - Adrian

SOMETHING to make you think...

The Future of Work

Sometimes it is hard to find the perfect video which summarises new technologies and the future of work.

This video nicely encapsulates a range of cutting edge tech and is a great catalyst for discussion. It references autonomous vehicles, advances in robotics and automation.

What might it mean for your workplace?

How could you use this in your classroom?

Something we think you'll like...

My Free Bingo Cards

Are you looking for different ways to encourage student agency in your classroom?

Create a bingo board with this free tool.

As your students use a tool to show evidence of their learning they mark it off on the board. They could take a screenshot and paste it into a Google Slide, a OneNote page or any other tool they might be using.

The idea is to get three in a row - encouraging them to think critically about which tool they'll use first and then how they'll make three in a row from there. You could use the digital version if you are all working together on one board.

The ways to use this tool are limited only by our imagination!

An update we're excited about...

Improved right-click menu in Gmail!

Up until now the right-click (secondary click) option in Gmail has been pretty limited but with the rollout of this new update you'll see so many more of your menu items available to you with this one action.

Definitely worth celebrating!

This is definitely a time saver for those who use Gmail a lot and you've gotta love a bit of time saving!

You can find out all the details, including release dates, here.

blog posts you may have missed

Check out the practical, helpful tips in our blogs below.

Something you want us to blog about? Make a request here or check out our website to see all our posts.

Getting Started with Google Drive File Stream - Do you or your organisation store non-Google files in Google Drive? If so, you’ve probably found it frustrating to have to download and upload these files every time you want to open or edit them in their native applications. Drive File Stream can solve this frustration for good by giving you a seamless way to work with non-Google files. - By Samantha Vardanega

How to Convert Google Classroom Grades into Letter GradesIn Google Classroom you have the ability to give feedback, manage and grade student work all in one place. Teachers are able to give students a number grade and the total grade can be customised to your marking system. There is also the ability to copy all grades into a Google Sheet, allowing teachers to work with student data in powerful ways. - By Tim Thatcher

How to easily remover the background of a photo- A question we often get asked is how can the background of a photo be removed to create a png image. Until recently the answer involved a few steps and sometimes quite a bit of fiddling around. Now - if you are connected to the internet - the answer has become a whole lot easier. Watch the video to see how simple the process can now be.- By Donna Golightly


Professional Development that suits your schedule and interests!

We have an exciting range of new online courses available for you to watch anywhere, anytime.

Get access to some incredible resources, courses and our online community.

Get together with some colleagues and work through a course together - collaborate, share ideas and encourage each other!

Check out some of the options below!

Featured Course...


Our STEAM Ready face to face courses have been really popular in schools and we are excited to announce that all that goodness is now available online!

We have developed the Getting Started with STEAM online courses which are designed for busy teachers to get started with meaningful STEAM, quickly. The focus is on developing rigorous learning which meets the students needs.

We have a special bundle price just for February so check it out here!

upcoming events

If you'd like to request a workshop or support in your area please get in touch by clicking the button below.

Host schools get a free attendee. :)

2019 - Victoria, Queenstown and Napier

These boot camps are fast paced, 2 day courses that cover a wide range of G Suite tools and how to use them in the classroom. You will also sit the 3 hour Google Certified Educator exam, where you will demonstrate your knowledge with multiple choice and practical scenario questions.

We've seen an increase in demand for our Google Certified Educator boot camps at both Level 1 and 2. This is great, as we think our two day courses have a lot to offer for everyone working with G Suite. There's several locations to choose from below. If you'd like to host one at your school, as always, feel free to get in touch!

GCE Bootcamps - Click on one of the locations listed below to find out more!

Geelong, Victoria, AU - Level 1 - Feb/March 2019

Napier, NZ - Level 2 - March 2019

Queenstown, NZ - Level 2 - May 2019

Back by popular demand....

Technology has been evolving at a rapid pace, artists and designers are pushing the boundaries. New techniques and strategies have emerged which art teachers can harness to engage students in innovative projects.

In this fun, meaningful workshop teachers are supported to explore how new technologies and ideas can be integrated into the art room. Participants will enjoy hands on experimentation and lively discussion around how art, technology and innovative thinking can be integrated into the classroom.

Auckland, NZ - April 2019

Wellington, NZ - May 2019

Rolleston, NZ - June 2019

STEAM / Digital Technologies Powered by your iPads

A fun hands on experience discovering how to authentically deliver your STEAM / DT curriculum through the power of your iPad for only $49!

See the dates and locations and register your interest HERE

Purposeful Practice with Digital Tools in the Maths Programme - A Half Day Workshop

In this fun and meaningful workshop teachers will be supported to explore how some of these new technologies and ideas can be integrated into the maths programme. Participants will enjoy hands on activities and lively discussion around how maths, technology and innovative thinking can be integrated into the maths programme.

Auckland 15th of April

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