Costa Rica Capital is San Jose

Men wore white garements with a red sheath and red tie. And the girls were a colorful skirt, with red silk belt, and white shirt.
So even though the temperature is hot, people still wear long pants, jeans, long skirts and even layers or sweaters. The typical guy on the street is wearing jeans and tee-shirts with tennis shoes.
It's usually hot and dry. It has an average temprature of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. But in May through November, it receives lots of rain.
It was based on the design of one in 1848. It's also used as the military ensign. And includes the coat of arms of Costa Rica.
The food they eat are bananas, beans, and pears. And the deserts they eat are: ice cream, with chocolate and Carmel, with a brownie on the bottom. And they eat cakes.
The population in Costa Rica is 4,905,626 now.
They're money looks like this. It is related to the climate and animals there. And sometimes to other people. Every one Costa Rica money is 0.0018 US dollars. Costa Rica's money is called Costa Rican colòn.
There government is a democratic republic, that guarantees all citizens to have equality before the law, right to own property, right of petition assembly, freedom of speech, and right to go before a judge when arrested. It's consoled by the president of the country. And the judge does the judging.
Costa Rica was founded by natives and hunter gatherers. Then Columbus came and found Costa Rica to in the year of 1502. He incorporated the territory into the kingdom of Guatemala. As a province in new Spain in 1524. Then for the next 300 years Costa Rica was a colony of Spain.
Costa Rica's official language is Spanish. The variety spoken there is,Costa Rican Spanish, it is a form of Central American Spanish.
This is the map of Costa Rica.


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