Eddie Lee Biography By. Mackenzie hanson

  • Eddie Lee was born May 21, 1948 in Seoul, South Korea
  • Eddie was raised by his father figure in a family of 6 people
  • Studied hard to pass school and attended Kyung Hee University for collage
  • In 1975 Eddie and his family moved to America as a family band and everyone had to adopt American names
  • Each family member was a singer but they each had individual roles. They played in night clubs and hotels
  • Ann Morrison joined the group after graduating college in New York and auditioning for the band. She was a singer
  • In 1976 in San Francisco Eddie met Carolyn Davis
  • October 8, 1978 their first born Jennifer Dawn Lee was born
  • February 10, 1981 Melissa Ann Lee was born
  • October 6, 1982 Christopher Allen Lee was born
  • On April 13, 1985 they were married
  • In 1996 Eddie was diagnosed with AML Leukemia
  • After a year of fighting, in 1997┬áhe found out he was cancer free and his daughter Jennifer was now engaged
  • 10 years after being free of leukemia he was diagnosed with prostate cancer but after 6 months of treatment he was finally cancer free for good
  • 3 years after his prostate cancer he found out he had chronic kidney disease
  • His other kidney soon became overworked and worked very poorly
  • Eddie was put on a donation list to get a kidney but sadly it would take 10-20 years but he soon had a kidney transplant with his son Chris
  • On September 28, 1999 Jennifer had her first daughter Alexis Dawn Hanson
  • March 21, 2003 Mackenzie Lee Hanson, Jennifer's second daughter, was born
  • May 25, 2007 Jennifer's last daughter Kylie Michelle Hanson was born

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