What did I learn?? By: Maggie

What is science? To me science is a chance to learn, study, and discover new things.

Science can study almost anything, here are a few examples. Science can study the human body and plant life. They can study these things because of new technology and testing their theories, then they can tell the world.

Science can not study ALL of the planets in our solar system or science was not able to know about bacteria. They can study these things but not thoroughly we were not able to know about bacteria until microscopes but we still don't know everything about it. Now scientist know a little about the far away planets but not everything because we have not been their. Yet.

Life needs to be able to... Reproduce, breath, have cells, energy, and water.
A llama needs to have a llama of another gender to be able to reproduce. Lama spit at anything when they are scared or feel that they are in danger. Their long wool like hair keeps them warm in the winter. Llamas are tall to be able to reach in to trees and get leaves from trees.

A scientific model is a way to show what you know through a demonstration. A model is used so we don't have to use they real thing to show others what you know. Example I don't think that people would cut into a human and show their digestive system just for a simple project. Models are easier to show and put together that use the real thing.

This picture is a system. A system is a group of anything that's works together to function. The Solar System is sort of like the human body systems but different, all the planets work together to bring winter, summer, light, no light, hot, cold just like our body can control our temperature and if we see light or not just like the planets of the Solar System.
To me a factory is a system that operates on man power to operate so it is not like our instant working systems. But it is still is a system using machines that still functions but it needs to be programed to work.


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