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OP Sports & Clubs + is an app that notifies and gives information to OPRF students about the latest sports and club news. On this app, students can select a category, a sport or a club, and get information on in school and out of school activities and events pertaining to that category.

This app is unique and useful because one issue that many students have is not being efficiently notified about events pertaining to clubs or sports of their interest. Currently, at OP there are only a few ways students are notified about such events, which is through email and daily announcements. However, most teenagers in general barely check their email nor do they listen to morning announcements! The OP Sports & Clubs + app would be a more efficient way of notifying students considering they┬┤re always on their phones. The app would also automatically send notifications for upcoming events so students may not have to directly check the app on a daily basis. Along with notifying students on school related events, this app also provides information on outside of school sports and hobby opportunities that are available for teens.

This app would definitely be a success because students would be more organized in keeping up with the latest upcoming club meetings or big sport events. With this app keeping more students up-to-date, there would be better turn outs at club meetings, sport tryouts, sports games, etc.

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