The king is dead Dillon Goods English 1010

The way the world is, you would be right to believe that sometimes bad things just happen to good people. These bad things could potentially happen if someone plotted against them. In certain parts of the world, this holds true. In certain parts of the world, someone's life can change in an instant, by circumstance, or by someone who wants their downfall. No one could be prepared for what happened this day.

On this day, the bright and yellow sun was joining together with the cool, sapphire colored sky to be a sign of a peaceful and lovely day that perfectly complemented the serene landscape of the plains. However, this peaceful atmosphere had borne witness to a damnable event, one that would make hundreds weep in anguish. The sun and the sky watched as rampaging beasts filled a canyon quicker than civilians fill a Wal-Mart on Black Friday. The earth would begin to tremble at their might, and soon the sun and the sky were blocked out by the amount of dirt and dust that picked up. Within those moments was the most jaw dropping event anyone had laid eyes on.

A herd of wildebeest start stampeding

A small child was caught in the middle of the riot, running for his life in fear and panic. His life was hanging on by a branch as he stared death in the face. The beasts wanted him gone and were close to succeeding, had his father, a ruler, not jumped in. To save the child, this ruler would take unimaginable amounts of pain. It was as if he were being attacked by hundreds upon hundreds of hammers, but he would tirelessly take it all to save his son. From his daring actions, his son was saved, but he was swept away by these beasts. Had he stayed there, he would have died. He didn't want to die, not yet. His son wasn't ready to be without him. The moment he had the chance, the father leaped onto the rocks to try and climb his way back up, but he was slipping. He called out for his brother, who lead him here, to save him. He was betrayed by his brother, showing his devilish colors as he threw the ruler back in to sacrifice his life to those monsters. Both the sun and sky could hear horrid screams so they began to retreat. The beasts had all left the scene, and as the rumbling slowed to a stop, finally, there was silence...

The dust wouldn't clear, as if to hide from the world what was blamed to be Mother Nature's doing. The sun was long gone, and the beautiful day's sky had slowly began turning into a mix of a bright yellow, a fiery orange, and a somber red. Within this canyon, this once beautiful landscape gone crime scene, the small child had found his father, cold and lifeless. The child called to him and began to cry, but the now late ruler couldn't hear him; he was too far gone. There was only one last thing that echoed through this ruler's mind before he passed on to the next world, ironic words from his devil brother...

The king is dead

"Long Live the King~"

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