'cancer is my new job, it's a lot of work' Lisa's story

Lisa was diagnosed five weeks after her second daughter was born.

In Lisa's case she had symptoms before and during her pregnancy, she was diagnosed with Terminal Bowel Cancer that has also spread to her liver. This is her story…

'My symptoms began before pregnancy with constipation, bloating and mucus in my bowel movements. As my pregnancy progressed my symptoms increased.

Most of my symptoms were put down to pregnancy. I had a lot of bleeding from my bottom and was told that it was internal piles caused by pregnancy. My severe constipation was also put down to being pregnant. Sickness was put down to a water infection. I was actually diagnosed with 5 water infections, even though tests now show I never actually had one. I had also lost three stone in around five weeks and was terribly weak.

My diagnosis has turned my life, and every one of my friends and family upside down. Cancer is my new job now, its a lot of work!

I will have been married for 10 years this coming August. We have two daughters, Ava who is now 5 and a half, and Saffia who is now 6 months. I strive to stay as positive as I can. Raising awareness about cancer, treatment and life with cancer has been incredibly important to me in helping me along my journey. As devastating as this has been, I am determined not to let it ruin my life. I carry on with my life, beautiful children, husband, friends and family. My advice to mums in this situation is don’t go through this alone. Talk. Talk to people on the forum, your friends, family or total strangers, but don't ever think that you are alone in this. The support is there and it's so incredibly helpful.

Mummy’s Star support work hard to make sure that we know we are well supported in our little community. Mummy's Star has helped me to realise that I am not alone in this. There are a lot of others mums that are sadly facing this battle with me. Mummy's Star allows us to have a network of friends and advice, a place where we can cry, express happiness and ask for advice.

I have the most wonderful, helpful family that live nearby that have been truly an amazing support. I try to be as normal as possible. My best days are my mum days. Doing the school run, the food shop, baby groups and clubs. This is because cancer is not how I am defined. Being a mum is. Having the help from my wonderful mum and husband means I can rest post chemo, to help build myself up for my lovely normal mum days.'

Lisa x

You can find out more about Lisa on her blog www.cancermeandyouthree@wordpress.com

You can also support Lisa on her journey https://www.lisasarmy.co.uk/

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