Shortfin Mako The Shark of Speed By:BrandonKelly It will MAko you eat dust

Five interesting adaptations or behaviors

1. Shortfin Makos are the fastest shark species in the world being clocked swimming 60 miles per hour t catch fish. They do this from the way their tail muscles are designed like a Tuna to propel them through the water at incredible speed. The sharks aerodynamic shark skin also reduces drag making the Shortfin Mako even faster. (

2. While hunting the Shortfin Mako will attack vertically and have been seen breaching 20ft out of the water to catch prey.

3. Shortfin Makos migrate year round and swim to different locations such as the Gulf Stream, and where their prey is.

4. Mako sharks teeth are always sticking out even when the mouth is closed. This is from the teeth being so long and will act as a spear to stab its prey.

5. Mako shark babies eat the younger sharks inside their mothers uterus for food which is only known in a few shark species.

Human Interaction

Shortfin Makos are a prized game fish (although size and the amount of sharks a boat can keep are limited.). The sharks also have investigated divers while swimming. Makos have attacked humans which has lead to some deaths but these are rare. There are also more conservation efforts for these sharks and researchers have been trying to study more about them.(

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