Heroin by davon scott

Heroin is used as a recreational drug for its euphoric effects. it is used to relieve pain
Heroin is class as a Opiate which are painkillers
Heroin is illegal in the United States
the drug slang for heroin is Dragon,Dope and Smack
heroin is an organic drug it comes fro the opium poppy plant found in the middle east. the flower can be crushed up in dust, it can be made into pills or be injection into blood stream
Heroin looks like a white powder which can be harden into rocks
The drug heroin can be injected, snorted,sniffed and smoked
Heroin was made by Charles Romley Alder Wright. It first showed up when this scientist thought he could make a non addictive substitute to morphine
yes heroin is an addictive drug and is very hard to stop using heroin, it can be fatal to your health. I've read things online and it says that a person addicted to Heroin cant be tolerant of it cause they get the same buss every time they do it
some short term effects of heroin is. slowed breathing, clouded mental functioning, nausea and vomiting, seduction and vomiting, hypothermia and can cause death. some long term effects of heroin is, Addiction, Infectious disease, collapsed veins, bacterial infections, abscesses, infection of heart lining and valves and etc
facts about heroin: heroin comes from morphine, severe itching is a side effect of heroin use, products containing heroin was once sold over the counter and heroin comes in three different colors white, brown, or black
a woman in buffalo who lived in Lancaster, was addicted to heroin because she was pulled into it by peer pressure and because she came from a broken home. she started off smoking weed and drinking beer and then her friends pulled her into the heavy stuff heroin. Her parents took care and took her to treatments and helped her fight off her drug addiction
communities can be affected because young teens will be pulled into the drugs by peer pressure and be addicted
society respond to these problems by making centers where you treat and talk about your drug problem to get over your addiction.

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