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June Newsletter

Welcome to the Rubaroc Newsletter! We hope you enjoy learning all about the current news at Rubaroc.

Message from the President of Rubaroc

I am happy to announce that Rubaroc installations have been off to a fantastic start! There have been numerous successful installations all over North America this month. Be sure to read installation tips provided by Barry Meakings Jr. in our “Installation Tips & Tricks” section in this edition.

Home shows, advertisements, social media & of course, referrals have definitely paid off! Our materials are shipped out of the warehouse almost as quickly as they are being received. Stock is being replenished to ensure a consistent flow of business. As always, be sure to place orders as soon as possible to ensure product availability.

Our warehouses are fully stocked to keep Rubaroc available @ all times!

The very notable Lake of Ozarks project is now complete. More details of this extraordinary project is included in this month’s newsletter.

A warm welcome & congratulations to our new Rubaroc Installers for completing our 2-day extensive Training Program! Dennis McIntire from Bakersfield California and Ken Messer from Milford Ohio are the newest members to the Rubaroc family. You are very fortunate to be a part of a business opportunity that is growing rapidly in demand. Right from the start, you’ll see that your leap into Rubaroc was a smart one! Several of our recently trained Rubaroc Installers have already secured contracts & installed. Read all about it in our "Rubaroc Installers in the Spotlight" section!

Our ongoing Technical, Administrative & Installation Support Team is readily available to provide you with continuous support with Rubaroc installations. As always, keep up the great work everyone!

Brian Field

President of Rubaroc

Installation Tips & Tricks

Hello Rubarocers. Here are some install tips and tricks as well as some product info as it pertains to installation practices and what’s new and exciting!

High Quality Granule

First off I would like to give absolute first and foremost credit to our product. Our Rubaroc high quality EPDM is absolutely amazing. The cut and consistency of these granules are fantastic but above all, the removal of DUST is absolutely crucial. This makes the difference between troweling cold molasses and half melted butter. I have been troweling rubber surfacing for 10 years and this is the best material I have ever used! I have recently moved up to closing with a 20" trowel because the product is so easy to close now. Paired up with our UV Commercial Resin it is a match made in heaven for troweling large areas extremely quickly. We did about 1700 feet at Dallas National Golf Course and because of the rain we started at noon. We finished at about 4:30 so were doing an average of about 400 ft an hour with 2 trowellers. The product takes about 3 swipes to close with solvent and it is a thinner consistency so it is extremely easy to move, mix and screed.

The Goldblatt

Next is our new trowel of choice. The Goldblatt. Goldblatt have been making masonry tools since 1885 and we literally just found out about them recently at the world of concrete show in Las Vegas. These trowels are well made like a Marshalltown but the difference is that they have a pre-bend in them and an arc. This is typically what you would call a "pre worked" or "pre shaped" blade on it that is typical of a well worked in trowel. Marshalltown has this option in a "Perma Shape" brand that they carry but are typically much more expensive. Goldblatt trowels can be found at your neighborhood Lowes or at They make them in all sizes and shapes and we buy them exclusively here at corporate and is my new trowel of choice in 20" size for flat troweling. They also make knee boards that are pretty well fortified as well.

UV PRO Commercial all day

As most of you have found out that it's definitely worth the extra money to use UV PRO Commercial on your job sites. From the dry times to the way it moves but most of all the non ambering aspect leaves a beautiful finish every time. Seams are a breeze to hide (as long as they are small enough) and the moisture sensitivity is virtually non existent. We all make mistakes. UV PRO commercial makes it easy to repair footprints or trowel marks seamlessly as if it never happened. With our UV PRO slow cure for extremely hot climates and a UV PRO quick cure for cooler months we have a resin for every season!


Use bins to put your bags of color in. They are easy to scoop out of with measuring pails instead of pouring or scooping out of a bag and you wont have messy half bags of material lying around. They make a neat way to stack materials for easy access.


When doing pool decks flip the skimmer lid upside down inside the skimmer. It will stop granules from getting inside the skimmer but also in case you make a mess it won't be on the top of the lid!

This Oakville, Ontario home received a skim coat of Rubaroc.... absolutely beautiful!

Warranty & Cleaning

Each Rubaroc Installers must provide an installation warranty for each job under their own company name. Rubaroc does not provide warranty for installations. We provide a warranty for defective material, which we don’t carry.

After installation is complete, be sure to leave your client with “Cleaning/Maintenance” instructions for Rubaroc.

If you’d like a refresher course, please let us know and we can provide you with one.

Lake of the Ozarks Project

Matt Sadl of C+M Concrete & crew have moved up impressively in the Rubaroc world!

We are happy to announce the completion & thorough satisfaction of the 10, 000 sq ft of Rubaroc installation at the Lake of the Ozarks property. Matt Sadl of C+M Concrete and all installers involved are now given credit to be a part of this prominent Rubaroc installation. Congratulations to all for the absolutely wonderful job done!

We are including a portion of the media advertisement provided by C + M Concrete to promote his business. Details of square footage & a Rubaroc Quote from the President of Rubaroc, Brian Field is also included.

Before & after pictures validate the beauty & style of Rubaroc..... stunning!!!

Largest Ever Single Rubaroc Installer Rubber Safety Surfacing Project

Rubaroc® Congratulates Missouri Company on large project in Lake of the Ozarks

Fenton, MO — C and M Concrete St. Louis, based in Fenton, Mo., is proud to be finishing up the largest single dealer rubber safety surfacing project using Rubaroc®, a poured-in-place polymer resin and granular rubber material.

The project, a 9,800 square-foot makeover at a home in Lake of the Ozarks includes 1,700 vertical feet of steps, multi-level patio decking, three terraces, and pool coping.

A work in progress.....
Impressive transformation!

“It’s been an amazing project from start to finish,” says Matt Sadl, owner of C and M Concrete St. Louis. “We have had the full support of Rubaroc as we bid and then completed this job and the transformation has been wonderful.”

Rubaroc is installed much like concrete, by hand trowelling. C and M Concrete is the sole distributor and the only certified contractor for Rubaroc in Missouri. It offers the product as part of its rubber safety surfacing division.

“We are extremely pleased with how Rubaroc performed during the installation of this high profile project in Lake of the Ozarks,” says Brian Field, President of Rubaroc (Coppell, TX). “The entire crew from C and M Concrete in St. Louis and our Rubaroc Installer Matt Sadl worked efficiently to ensure a beautiful consistency of our proprietary, trowelled in place, no-slip rubber surfacing product, Rubaroc. Their expertise in installation of steps, walkways and the pool area was highly evident. The homeowners of this extraordinary lakefront property are ecstatic with the outcome.”

Quick Notes

Keep a look out for our upgraded packaging on our pallets. They will be shrink wrapped in RED to ensure that no tampering has been involved during shipping.

We can’t stress enough the importance of SBR levelling before hand so that material measurements remain accurate.

To ensure colour consistency throughout a project, avoid using bags of the same colour from different orders/batches. If you must mix up orders/batches, try mixing up the colours together so there are no colour changes on your project.

Don’t be hesitant on doing design work or even a simple border around pools. Refer to Gallery for a selection of pictures.

Just a friendly reminder to keep hydrated, wear a hat, take breaks as needed & don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

Advertising pays off! The exposure with advertising in local newspapers certainly is beneficial. Lawn signs, social media & referrals also contribute to an increase in business.


John Belisle of Ottawa Surface Solutions in Ottawa, Ontario
Shaun O'Rourke of O'Rourke Safety Surfacing in Chatham, Ontario 
Steve Cline of Prestige Surfacing in Oakville, Ontario
Brent Scoggins of KBS Customs in Morton, Texas
Justin Laws of Ontario Rubber Installations in Hamilton, Ontario
Philip Leger of Surfa-Sol in Terrabonne, Quebec
Dale Kreviazuk of UV Pools of Narol, Manitoba
Craig Geary of Ottawa Safety Surfacing in Ottawa, Ontario
Craig Geary of Ottawa Safety Surfacing in Ottawa, Ontario

Rubaroc Installers in the Spotlight

Our 2 Canadian Installers who are featured in the Spotlight this month are newly trained Installers that have shown an exceptional start off with Rubaroc! The USA Installers who are featured have both had over 2 years of steady business. Keep up the fabulous work!

Csaba Joo (Niagara Rubber Surfacing Inc.)

Csaba completed our Rubaroc Training Program in April 2015 and is off to a fantastic start! His current project includes the installation of Rubaroc to the porch & steps of a 52 unit townhouse complex in Niagara Falls Ontario. Besides doing concrete repair he is also installing the handrails. Take a look @ the pictures… speaks for itself! After this project he’s off to install Rubaroc around pool decks. Way to go Csaba!!!

We can all agree that Rubaroc certainly made these surfaces safe!
Jordan Ficek & Kyle Vincent (JK Rubber Surfacing)

With extensive experience in Rubaroc installations, both Jordan & Kyle decided to partner up & become Rubaroc Installers. With a huge turnout @ the Winnipeg home show in March of 2015, Jordan & Kyle have been busy doing sales quotes, securing contracts & now, installing! The big step taken by both has paid off. Keep up the great work guys!

You can decide which surface is more pleasant to look at.
With a little prep work, JK Surfacing added safety & beauty to this set of stairs!
Jeremy Blum (Fairfield Pools)

Besides installing magnificent looking pools, Jeremy is covering cracked or worn out surfaces around pool decks with Rubaroc. Fairfield Connecticut is lucky to have Jeremy’s expertise! Over 2 years of successful Rubaroc installations & almost a dozen installations already speaks for his fine workmanship. He’s already got about 5 contracts on the go for pool decks & it’s just the start of the season. Very impressive!!!

Safe & beautiful looking pool decks provided by Jeremy & crew of Fairfield Pools in Connecticut
Stunning!!! Once again... beauty, style & safety all in one! 
Anthony Heaney (Hampton Rubber Surfacing)

Anthony has been in the home improvement industry for 20 years. He was immediately impressed with the beauty & great safety that Rubaroc would bring to homeowners on beautiful Long Island. Long Island is looking pretty impressive with the addition of Rubaroc. With over 2 years of installation experience & a steady flow of business, Rubaroc is keeping Anthony quite content!

Magnificent looking pool decks covered with Rubaroc!
Pool deck & surrounding area safer & without a doubt, better looking!

Tour of The East Coast of the United States of America

Barry Meakings Sr. had the opportunity recently to meet some of our awesome Rubaroc Installers on the East Coast. The "Fact Finding Tour" included Installers in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware & Long Island. It was a huge success! Barry's on-site visits concluded excellence of installation performance! Thanks to these Rubaroc Installers for installing a lot of impressive looking Rubaroc in these areas!

Left: Dan from Rhode Island with Barry. Right: Alli Perry from Delaware with Barry.
Left: Barry, Jay & Tim from Connecticut. Right: Jeremy from Connecticut with Barry.
Head of Installations in Canada (Julian Salaberri)

Julian Salaberri has worked for Rubaroc for over a year now. His knowledge & expertise with installations has proven he’s got what it takes to do the job right! He is also involved in the training of new Installers, trowellers & mixers. His professionalism, attention to detail & high level of accuracy is the reason his services are high in demand. Both Canada & USA are privileged to have his presence on a job site. Thank you Julian for your fabulous service!

Setting up a good prep area is key to keeping the crew organized & the entire area clean.

Contact Information

Please contact any staff member with any concerns.


President & Installation Support:​Brian Field (

Technical Support:​​Barry Meakings Jr. (

Head of Business Development Rubaroc USA​​: Barry Meakings Jr.(

Warehouse Managers:​ ​Aaron Achterberch

Administrator:​​​Tammy Moradi (


Administrator:​​​Kellie Dawson (

Installation Support:​​​Alain Meakings (

Installation Support:​​​Toula Bobotsis (

Technical Specialist:​​Tom Welfare (

Head of Installations: ​​Julian Salaberri (

Warehouse Distribution Manager:​​Rob Dawson (

Warehouse Assistant:​​Aaron Bryan (

Once again, we would also like to thank all of the installers & mixers for all of their superb performance with Rubaroc installations!

Hope you enjoyed the June edition of the Rubaroc Newsletter! We encourage you to take pictures & videos of your work: YOU could be advertised next!!! Keep an eye out for our next monthly newsletter!

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