Memeia Don't let your memes be dreams!

Memeia Constitution

Like the former United States Of America, everyone has unalienable rights that must and will be protected by our government, at any cost necessary. The purpose of this glorious community, is to unite people through the love of memes. We are so united, that the world came together like Pangea to create Memeia.

All community members must do the following; Make plenty of memes, work hard to keep the community a good place, and worship Dat Boi.

The rules are;

-Be kind

-Do not steal memes

-Do not put down other people or their memes

-Racism, Homophobia, and other things like that will not be tolerated.

Breaking rules will earn you a sentence to FACTORY TRUMP, to work forever.

Our system of money is like the old American Money, but with the Memeia Founding Fathers and Founding Memes on them.

Our transportation consists of DORITO HOVERBOARDS.

The environment/climate is warm in the summer, and slightly cold during winter. Not too hot, not too cold. Just perfection.

Our wonderful government consists of Doge as the President, Richard Fogle, one of the immortal Founding Fathers, as Vice President, Misha May, another a Founding Father as Secretary of Treasury, and Marlon Webb as our Secretary of State.

Marlon, Richard, and Doge make the laws, and Misha is in charge of money.

They are basically immortal, so they stay as the leaders forever, because of their fairness. The public adores them.

Meme Police enforce the laws.

If laws are broken, the Meme Police escorts people to Factory Trump to work for the rest of their days.

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Richard Fogle

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