Famous Photographer Anthony Montion p.3

Neil Leifer

Neil Leifer he was born December 28,1942 hes still alive

He does sport photography

He fills the frame alot of the time
He worked for Sports Illustrated , Time Magazine , Life , look and Evening Saturday Post
Sine he does sport photography he doesn't really have control of the lighting
He didn"t have any influences

He became famous off standing sidelines to a NFL title game and took pictures of the game winning touch down and sent them into Sports Illustrated and became famous at the age of 16

There 's one thing that attracted me about Mr.Leifer , of all of the photos this man has taken this is the only one framed in his home

I chose Neil Leifer because he was a sports Photographer and i like sports so mine as well learn he captures the Historic moments of sports

Neil Leifer also did military and naval ships

That was the first thing he was interested in taking photos off then something attracted him to sports also

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