Quarantine By: Lex Thomas, Jack dye


"The SAINTS" is the second book out of the trilogy Quarantine. The book left of at David`s graduation where Lucy and Will are left and their gang disperses into nothing. But it also introduces a new gang named the ''Saints" these events change everything including Lucy`s and Will`s friendship as they part they are placed into different gangs; one causing chaos and destruction and the other is off doing their own thing with their gang members. As the plot and story change so does their friendship which leads to chaos and destruction.

Review of the Book

My personal opinion about this book is how well they present the plot and manipulate certain aspects of the book that were thought to be irrelevant but then placed as a important piece of the book. I really enjoyed reading this book, it was very entertaining and addictive which is hard to find in a book. I think a lot of reading genre groups could enjoy this, there are many relative themes to almost all certain interests. This book is very thorough and extensive to their plot and they make use of all realistic references the could of. The book is absolutely perfect and wonderful and there shouldn`t be changed. Otherwise their key elements were greatly displayed. One of which was truly significant and could be used in countless situations.

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1. Gas masks were used to stop contaminating the air 2. Everyone is like a predator in the school 3. Constantly fear is in everyone in the school 4. Death is always creeping around the corner 5. Depression is very aware at the school

Quote: "David were going to die aren`t we?"- Will

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