Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin was the dictator of the Soviet Union from 1929-1953

Joseph Stalin younger than in most pictures

Born into poverty, Stalin was quickly into revolutionary politics. He got into a lot of trouble as a kid with the criminal activity.

Joseph Stalin at a speech stand
Stalin in front of solviet flag

Joseph Stalin became ruler after Vladimir Lenin's death. He then started ruling as a dictator.

Stalin transformed the USSR from a peasant society to a industrial and military superpower.

Cold War flag

To the US, in the beginning he wasn't a bad guy, he joined the US and Britain in WWII. Afterwords though he started the cold war with the west.

Stalin's guards were so afraid of him that they didn't call a doctor until 12 hours after he had a stroke because they thought he would execute them for doing anything outside his orders.

Stalin means "man of steel".


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